Saudi Driving License without your country's license

Hi All,

As I was browsing through different forums to find out the fee to acquire driving license, all the forums mentioned that you should get  your native license card translated into Arabic.

So please let me know that if it is mandatory to have your license translated into Arabic or you can start from scratch without any license. Further, is there any visa category requirement to apply as well?

How much would be the total cost for it?

Thanks in advance.

Not necessary, you can walk into the driving center and they will test you. By not having your native country DL you'll be given more than usual classes to be taken.

Thanks for the reply. Please let me know the total fee with all the classes.

Several articles have been written on this topic. You'll find all your answers here: … cence.html

To get giving license you have to attend driving classes in the driving school may be for month and then you will appear in the test. If you have driving license of your country then you will get it translated and submit with fee and other papers.  If accepted you will given date for driving test and MCQs in the computer which is mandatory to pass.

400 riyal for the classes and 5 yaer liences fees is 200 and 10 year is for 400 riyal

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