Dual US/Irish Citizen interested in moving to Ireland

Hey all,

I have posted here prior without much luck in responses (quite a while back) so I'm gonna try it again.  I received my dual citizenship in 2014 to Ireland and would love to move there for a stretch and work.

I have looked online, but it can be inundating and so I come to you all seeking advice.  For someone who is a dual citizen, would it be easier for me to move there first and look for work?  I would love to work with some form of recruiter prior to trying to move.  I don't have much to take with me so the move wouldn't be difficult but I really want to work, obviously.

Here in the US, I know all the job sites and recruiters in my area to keep track of, so I am wondering are there similar sites and ways of looking in Ireland?  Even if someone knows of websites with the best info for me to look I would be eternally grateful. 

Thanks Much!


I am in the same boat.  I am currently looking for professional work in Ireland and I am also a dual citizen.  Peronally, I don't suggest moving there and then looking for work

Hello all,

I hope that you get the information you require. In the meantime maybe you could check these articles in Work in Ireland or try the Jobs in Ireland section of the website.

Jaisan ;)

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