PORTO and LISBOA.... quick trip...... HELP PLEASE!

Hi all Expats..... This is a good one..... but first I am happy to introduce myself.... I am a friendly Scotsman who tries to see the lighter side of life. I speak English with a Scottish accent.

I enjoy meeting people male or female from different countries..... any Nationality to talk, have a chat about their way of life in their country and at the same time having fun enjoying and exploring the city.

Now I am visiting  both Porto and Lisboa  for a brief visit in early December.

I am travelling alone but naturally wish to make the most of my time in the respective cities of Porto and Lisboa.

My schedule is as follows....
Monday evening 5th December from 7.30pm.... free in Porto
Tuesday afternoon 6th December from in Lisboa
Wednesday afternoon 7 th December from 1pm.... free in Porto
Thursday morning 8th December..... free in Porto

I would very much appreciate any suggestions  to enable me to make the most of my relatively short time in both cities?

Also if you fancy meeting up for a chat/coffee/drink to assist or even be my guide .... that would just be great...... I realise that my time is very limited and also it will be December when perhaps the weather restricts some of the normal 'sightseeing places'  but it would be good to see as much as possible in the restricted time available.

Thank you in advance for your reply..... please also check my profile if you wish.... I am looking forward to my visit to Portugal..... Hope to hear from YOU.... thanks.

Why would you travel 626 km to be only one afternoon in Lisbon?  :/

Good question.....I only have the afternoons free in both Porto and Lisbon as in both cities in the evening I am going to watch 2 important Champions League matches
1) in Porto.....Porto v Leicester City
2) in Lisbon...Benfica v Napoli
I am travelling alone therefore I want to make the most of my time in both cities and it only takes 3 hours on the fast train to get between the cities.
The schedule is a bit tight but it is a challenge and it is important to make the most of your time.
I love travelling and meeting people from other countries.
Hope you have a good day

Alright, it makes sense.

Understand there isn't any Alfa (fast) or any other national train arriving daily in Lisbon at exactly 1pm. Working days in the morning there are 4 Alfa services departing from Porto to Lisbon, last one arrives at 12:22, and the next one arrives only at 14:22.

You only have like 5/6 hours to the game. That's not much.

Regarding the game, the best way to the venue it's by metro, the blue line has direct connection.

Sightseeing, it always depends on personal tastes. I don't know for sure, but maybe the best way should be seeing one area instead of wasting time in transports to go to distant areas.

Re your message..... yes it makes sense to do what you want... everyone is different... I have already booked my train tickets and on the Tues. .  I arrive in Lisbon at before
1pm...then I can get a 3 hour tour now if I want with a local guide before going to the game.
It is the same going back.... arrive in Porto at midday...  and as no expat replied about meeting up.... I now have  a local guide who is meeting me at the station and we will go on a 3.5 hour tour again before going to see Porto v Leicester... then I fly back to the UK via Madrid on Thu.... stop at Madrid airport and meet a friend then home.
Oh regarding spending a longer time in 1 area yes I normally do this but I have been to Lisbon a couple of times and this is a football trip not a holiday.
I usually have about 5 football trips abroad each  year and several holidays abroad (usually 4 or 5)..... you see I dont work anymore so every day is a holiday! is good but do 'things'  while you can!
All the best

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