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Hi i'm a native English speaker from Cambridge in England looking for work in Chiangmai - I have teaching and youth work experience and also hold a PhD in geography. I've worked many jobs from kitchen assistant and domestic cleaner to univeristy teacher, so I'm happy to do anything 😊

Hi Laura-Jane
Are you presently living in Chiang Mai ? Could you send your CV to xxx ?
Or xxx ?

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One suggestion that I would have is to look for international schools in Chiang Mai. I believe they are always looking for teachers. You would have to contact for specific details.
In terms of working in Thailand I believe that the Thai immigration handles that, I am not absolutely sure of that. However, working in Thailand under any circumstances may be difficult. The one semi exception would be teaching English at one of the certified schools and they would have to handle the paper work. I did hear one person say that he earned about 20,000 Baht a month full time, or around $571 US.

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