Buying Furniture


I am relocating back to Australia next year and will have a large shipping container.

I would like to buy furniture to fill the container for my new home. I am looking for good quality indoor and outdoor furniture at a good price.

Any advice where to start? I am not interested in any of the larger retail stores who have already marked up their prices.

Thanks for your help.

Ngô Gia Tự between Nguyễn Tri Phương and Lê Hồng Phong is the furniture shop street in District 10. They will get you motorbike delivery pretty cheaply too. Lightweight inexpensive stuff and the heavy wood style. Probably nothing you are used to in Oz.  map

Another more interesting and should-be cheaper area is Phạm Thế Hiển in District 8, small dealers are scattered along the road. map

Then there is a messy alley with old wood furniture, see article. Probably expensive tho, especially when they see a foreigner come. (link)

Thanks for the maps and links - much appreciated

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