Expat Club Coffee Chat!

Hi All!

As I'm sure most have you seen lately, I'm working with a MeetUp group to get a monthly gig going. The group is called The Expat Club … 235346935/

The first start up meeting is this coming Saturday at 6pm at Le Chocolate. So if you are interested in meeting new people in Bahrain, stop on by! I'm looking forward to meeting some of the people on this forum that have been incredibly helpful to me in my first few months here.

Thanks and see you then!

Perfect !

Only if I was there .

See you guys in December , National Day Celebrations :)

Well drat. But could you tell me a bit more about the holiday? Maybe I could work the Dec. meeting around it. =)

hopefully i'll be able to be there as i will be evening shift duty, but will try my best to chabnge to morning to be there

shame its in Seef on a saturday evening. Might turn up if I'm able to

Seef on a Saturday is no good?

Guess he means the traffic and all

Hmm, maybe. Definitely something to watch for tonight!

I should manage to pop along for a little while, will you be sitting in the conservatory area?


As for traffic, I think we will be fine, because we are not heading towards the seef mall or City Centre mall , and where are we going to be sitting , as I may arrive early there ?

Hi guys,

unfortunately out of Bahrain at the moment, hope you guys have a good time. Hopefully next time will be around!  :cheers:


Hope to get to met you someday, Logical- you've been crazy helpful to me!

ANd I thought tonight was AWESOME! I can't til the next one and I'll be sure to post it earlier with hopefully better details! ^^

Hey all,

I arrived last week so am starting to find my feet and would love to come to the next one of these. We are looking for a house and then a mode of transport, but then will be up for multiple weekend coffee mornings, and my wife for during the week


Anyone clicked pictures??? if yes please do share them!


Sadly we were focused on conversations and getting to know each other , but next time there will definitely be pictures

I thought about bringing my camera. . . but then promptly forgot as I was walking out the door ^^;; Definitely next time! And hopefully I can our next one set up for early December!

Krishire :

our next one set up for early December!

On or before National Day :)

Glad you people made it , should've clicked some photos :(

PhilTay :

multiple weekend coffee morning


You just won my heart
- A coffeeholic

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