Municipality Requirements for New warehouse in Jeddah


In my company I have to buy a new warehouse in Jeddah.

Any one knows what are the requirement from the municipality (licences...)

I tried to contact them directly but it takes too long

I am not sure someone can help you here.
and they have a lengthy list of requirements.
You may google
شروط البلدية للمستودع الجديد في جدة
Since the list is long I suggest you contact expert property dealer to guide you.

Hi Ehtesham,

Thanks for your help.

I though perhaps I would be lucky and eventually an expert could answer to me :)

Hi Sam,
You'd like to buy a warehouse or required on rental basis.

If you'd like to buy then the best option is to select the warehouse and if you don't have any means then give your requirement to a property dealer sitting close to warehouse city and he'll find something for you along with all the legal requirements.

If you wanna rent a warehouse then it does not require any long list except to ensure that fire fighting system must be in place and civil defense has approved the facility. They normally provide a certificate. At the time of renting, the owner will provide you a copy of that certificate.
Furthermore, if you want to store food or drugs items then you also require another certificate from SFDA (Saudi Food & Drug Authority), they do have a site in English too and if you require any specific information you can find it there.

Hi Tg2506

Thanks a lot for your answer!!!

Yes this is to buy a warehouse and we have found the warehouse but the broker is not abble so far to provide with these informations regarding the licences.

But I found this document online … راطات الخاصة بالمستودعات العامة.pdf

It's arabic though so I'm going to have it translated. Someone from my office said it says what kind of licences you need for purchasing a warehouse in saudi arabia

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