Any female /male  expert in Al qassim buraydah. .
I am so curious about buraydah female college;  since I will be resuming my duties there next week Sunday.

And also I  would like to know if the place is relaxed  or conservative ? Is there anything  exciting to do there?  Do they have a big shopping mall? 

How is the cost of living?  And If I were to get a nice hotel with 1 bedroom; kitchen;  bathroom and living room how much can I pay monthly? .

Anyone who is familiar with this place please tell me everything that u think I should know.b4 going there thanx?

Any information will be appreciated.

I'm a citizen and I'm famlier with place since I go there frequently

Thats good ; do you mind answering all my question?    How is the place. .by the way I'm still in my country. Something came up and I had to stay a little bit longer.

Well how is the place ? Is it too conservative?  Is it a must that I should cover my  face even though I am not a Muslim? 

How is the cost of living?   Is there a big shopping mall; with nice restaurant whre I can hang out with friends and eat dinner or lunch? 

Does the place have  a lot of foreigner like riyadh? .

THanks a lot

Generally speaking, BURAYDAH is a conservative city, but it is much peaceful. The environment there is clean, lots of farms, treas, and palm trees. Whether is way  much better in than Riyadh especially summer nights.
BURAYDAH HAS big malls and plazas such as Otheim Mall as we as it has varieties of restaurants such as American, Indian, Asian and local restaurant too where you go your self and your friends.

Cost of living is definitely cheaper in  than Riyadh and also it depends where you living. Foreigners are less than Riyadh and most the foreigners are working academic staffs

I hope I answered your questions

when someone is 'resuming duties' it means that they were there once  and placed their 'duties' on hold so they would have all this information  already

Thanks a lot Jossef ;  you have answered all my questions. I really appreciate it.Thanks a lot.

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