How comfortable will I be living with this salary in Surrey?

Hi all,

I'm Lez and I'm from PH. A newbie on the site :)
I'll be moving to Surrey early next year. I'm a nurse here and will be working as one when I get there.

Before I dive right in, I would like to prepare myself mentally of the things I need to expect there cost-wise. I got a job offer and they will be paying me about £26,000 per annum. My accommodation will also be subsidized by the company and I only need to pay a small percent of the total. I'm thinking of about £250-400 as their share of the rent, I pay the rest).
So I expect to take home about $1,600 per month after tax.

Will I be living comfortably on that amount in Surrey?
Can you please give me a rough idea on how much I'd be spending on the following on a monthly basis:

- Food/Groceries
- Transportation
- Utilities, Council tax, TV license, etc.
- Telephone/Broadband
- Gym membership (a must)
- Dental insurance
- Occasional shopping for anything
*please feel free to add a few other things I should consider paying for

Here are a few things I'd like to mention:
- I don't mind house sharing.
- I don't smoke so no spending on expensive cigarettes for me. :)
- I seldom drink but would be willing to spend on alcohol from time to time with friends.
- I don't feel any need to own a car (yet).

Many thanks guys! :)

You could live quite a comfortable life. Shop around for the best price regarding broadband there are many providers in the UK. TV licence can be paid monthly or yearly. I forget the fee. The Gym - it depends on what town or city you will live in.

As mentioned by SCAT the cost of living in the UK varies by town or city, even within the same county and unfortunately Surrey is one of the most affluent counties in the UK, so prices are reflective of this. Take a look at this site to get some idea, though I don't know how reliable the data is, but it shouldn't be a million miles off: … ed-Kingdom

Good luck with your relocation.

Cost of Living in United Kingdom. Prices in United Kingdom. Updated Aug 2016 … ed+Kingdom

Compare different areas against each other:
Cost Of Living Comparison

Yes. The  link provided above is a good one to do the comparisons

In some areas you could live well on that.... but not within 100 miles of London.

Shop savvy at places like B&M; Lidl; Poundland and Iceland's to get the biggest bang for your buck / pound and use online coupon sites like Wowcher; Living Social (subscribe to your local area) and there's great Social Groups out there like Sunday Assembly which is a non-religious social group:
Sunday Assembly is an excellent way to discover new friends and find support for your community.

If your in shared accommodation; and take public transport you should be financially OK.  Enjoy it.  There's plenty of Green-Space and Waterfront walking tracks for free outdoor fitness for entertainment. 

Once settled; there's always ways to increase your income!   So wishing you Good Luck Mate!

the massive part of income in the UK usually goes for accommodation, taxes and insurances, with the way you have described yourself I think you will be more than ok to live in there, however if you had to rent a place and pay it for yourself then it would make it a bit hard, as the price for a studio flat in London and even in Surrey comes to around 1000-1200 inc, basic bills!

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