Moving to Newmarket Suffolk - Can anyone help please?

Hey Guys,

So I got a job opportunity recently in Newmarket - Suffolk, however, I really have no idea about the cost of living there.

My basic yearly salary will be around £50,000 (before TAX). I will be moving there with my wife and 2 kids (3 years and 1 year old). My wife does not have a work yet.

My questions are:

. Is that income enough to live a decent life? My yearly expenses would include house (not flat) rent, school, etc...

. What would be the average of living cost there?

. Will I be able to save?

. How much will my taxes amount for?

Thank you

Hi Deadbeat and welcome to the Forum.

To answer your questions:

Salary - It depends on your life style and where you choose to live I guess; it's nothing spectacular, but enough to live on.

Cost of living - the Numbeo organisation has a website that provides this information; this link will take you to the information for Norwich, which is the nearest place to Newmarket it has information on.  The information reflects the previous 12-months, so will be a bit behind the curve.

Save - up to you.

Taxes - the UK Government site for this can be found at this link.  You also have to take into account the UK National Insurance charge, which on a £50k salary is currently £4,520 p/annum; it will be taken from your salary at source on a monthly basis.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

I live  in Suffolk , have you been to UK , or is it your first time ?


Thank you for your reply, no it will be my first time living in the UK.

So how is living in Newmarket, Suffolk? :)

Is 50k per year a good earning for a family of 4 persons (2 adults and 2 kids) to live by? including rent and education/nursery

Hi DB!

Suffolk as a region is very pretty and boasts a lot of history and fun activities! Newmarket itself is a fairly pleasant and very safe little town though it's a little remote to some, with access to London being available but a good 2 hour train journey away.

50k should suit you chaps fine, just don't splash out too often!

Thank you Alexander, kress and Cinic for your help :)

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