Your best business development ideas in the Philippines

It is as simple as its gets; you will not get millions if you do not invest wisely.

Josh Owoh

Josh your off your head. Its Filipino country and they should be entitled to do what they want.

Your comments are shameful and disrespectful.

I'm thinking of a duck egg business

I am thinking of selling space heaters there myself. Both gas & electric ones.  No one else there seems to sell them in the Philippines.

Where are the ideas???

FYI.. the mini-home or 'mini on wheels even' started in Japan decades ago.... but has 'really taken hold' in the USA.  with dozens of producers from basic ones at 15K, to fancy ones at 80K+... but all nearly the same footprint.   

So your idea on containers... interests me.  it sounds good.   the minis in the USA are close to a 20 ft container... I wonder if that's a great possibility... given most people buying are doling out over 40K for a footprint of just 7ft x 8-10 ft.    Scott... hum... possible... have wisdom, some engineering and logistics, low cash... if you go for this to 'sell abroad in USA, etc.'.. maybe we can work something that makes us both capital?   have friend in Col. Springs who might help sell.   (went to a business fair there, where I saw 3 makers with models of their mini's.)

as for textiles...  I have 'first hand' experience buying from China, while there... for years...  'IF' there was a market niche that had 'real life profit'... I would welcome working with someone to bring that about. 

but... for me...  I want 'real earning' , even if small, it must be real life cash in the hand.  start small, grow.  integrity, honesty and wise money management....   business anyone?

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