Your best business development ideas in the Philippines

It is as simple as its gets; you will not get millions if you do not invest wisely.

Josh Owoh

Josh your off your head. Its Filipino country and they should be entitled to do what they want.

Your comments are shameful and disrespectful.

I'm thinking of a duck egg business

I am thinking of selling space heaters there myself. Both gas & electric ones.  No one else there seems to sell them in the Philippines.

Where are the ideas???

FYI.. the mini-home or 'mini on wheels even' started in Japan decades ago.... but has 'really taken hold' in the USA.  with dozens of producers from basic ones at 15K, to fancy ones at 80K+... but all nearly the same footprint.   

So your idea on containers... interests me.  it sounds good.   the minis in the USA are close to a 20 ft container... I wonder if that's a great possibility... given most people buying are doling out over 40K for a footprint of just 7ft x 8-10 ft.    Scott... hum... possible... have wisdom, some engineering and logistics, low cash... if you go for this to 'sell abroad in USA, etc.'.. maybe we can work something that makes us both capital?   have friend in Col. Springs who might help sell.   (went to a business fair there, where I saw 3 makers with models of their mini's.)

as for textiles...  I have 'first hand' experience buying from China, while there... for years...  'IF' there was a market niche that had 'real life profit'... I would welcome working with someone to bring that about. 

but... for me...  I want 'real earning' , even if small, it must be real life cash in the hand.  start small, grow.  integrity, honesty and wise money management....   business anyone?

I make money in the Philippines but it was more of an accident, when I was building my house I noticed how much plywood they use for the forms, so I built steel forms that can be used over and over , I rent them out

that is an awesome idea!

hey boy send me the plans maybe I can start this trend here too

For the boys from the constriction industry's  !!!! One would like to think that some of our expertises were fitting for this industry in phill !! ESPECIALLY  from education as to trades skills& quality control !!!!  From what ive witnessed defies belief !!!!!! For an example had to show a """ builder """ how to set out a house "" square ""  ! Luckily he was receptive and we became friends so i assisted him (( advisory only )) along the way during building process with some mjic results !!!!!!!! House sqare/tiling square/ blocks properly laid & mortered/square  jambs, doors windows etc etc ! Job was for a yank client eho was ecstatic  and this builder now has many expat clients !!!!!!!   Moral is that yes that yes both phill& expats can work together for overall better result !!!!

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If I weren't too busy managing a company, I would look into setting up a day care, like the ones in the US where you drop off your child at the day care on your way to work and pick him up before going home.

I and my husband were fortunate that my parents took us in when we first arrived here and supervised the kids' yayas / nannies. But no matter how trustworthy (or untrustworthy) our past yayas / nannies were, we never left our children alone at home with them . . . because you never know. So when my parents were away, I would either stay at home or bring the nanny(ies) and my children with me to my office.

The mother of one of my child's classmate has a 2 year old. The yaya decided to leave. She missed work for a week and now has to drive to her mother-in-law's place in Rizal everyday (a 2-hour drive one way) to drop off her toddler and pick him up. She's now planning to move the entire family closer to the in-laws.

The main clients would be working couples with very young children. I would probably also set up an adjoining preschool. There are certified caregivers, teachers, security in the premises, a nurse, first-aid, on-call doctor and dentist.

Your right if you cannot produce your own feed it is a no go business

One thing I will post, but unless you have been here awhile take care, and know who your dealing with, a lot of foreigners need a Filipino as their partner in business as they are not married to a Filipino, my wife and I are the 60% Filipino required to operate a business and are in money lending a legal business with Indian parters as most are not married to Filipinos, we are not envolved in the every day lending or collecting end of the business, altho we have done so before, and we are partners in more than one, as I said if you don't know these kind of people personally don't try it

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