My experience in Taiwan

Hello, my names Dominic and i've been living in Taiwan a long time.
Taiwan can be your own desired paradise,your haven and escape.
It only became a democracy 16 years ago but that 16 years has seen the creation of a new world,a new adventurous optimism for the future
Taiwan has beauty,lots of it,two thirds of the island is mountainous giving wonderful hiking opportunities from the most arduous to a sunny Sunday afternoon stroll.Lakes small and large,waterfalls every where and soothing hot springs to finish a day out.
The Taiwanese are more than welcoming towards foreigners coming to the island and we are still definitely foreigners to most, Taiwan has only really started becoming a destination for the back packer in the last decade.
I'm in Kaohsiung ,in the south and always have been so i can say nothing of the Taipei life.Down here rents are comparativly cheap,$8000 Taiwan dollars a month for a shared top rate apartment,local food from $100 for lunch and a good one at that and teaching work $600 per hour.
Nowadays the chances of getting by on part time work are virtually gone unless you've come for a trip and brought money and getting a job without a degree not heard of.It's illeagal to do any other type of work than teaching unless you've come over on contract with a Taiwanese company.
You can save if your willing to work for it,or just stay a year and enjoy exploring at the weekends.
As for dealing with home sickness,which i was asked to mention,when it occurs ask yourself why you came,what were you expecting,what's lacking,what's being gained,balance it out and then take your next step.
Who knows we may be sat talking together by some mountain lagoon son,cheers.

Hellow Mr. Dominic Potter,

I am from India (South India), I want to come to Taiwan to work . But I do not know Chinese, I am having experience in Warehouse management , Inventory , Export and Import management.

I am a management graduate, having 19 years of experience in   manufacturing industry.  I would be glad to have your mail id, so that I will send my resume  to you, so that you may forward my resume to some of the known source, for employment.



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Sorry Viswa but i have nothing to do with any businesses in Taiwan,maybe you could use the internet.

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