Maternelle around Wezembeek-Oppem

Hi all

we will soon move from Ixelles to Wezembeek-Oppem. we have 2 little children (19 months and 2 months) and we are looking for a "maternelle" (pre-school) for the eldest one.

By doing some research and hearing the opinion of some people we have this list of schools in the area (some closer than others):

-    La Fermette (W-O)
-    Diabolo (Kraainem)
-    Trinite’ (W-O)
-    Institut Saint-Georges (W-O)
-    Le Sacre Coeur (Stockel)
-    Don Bosco (WSL)
-    Joli Bois (WSP)
-    Singelijn (WSL) 

Could you please share your opinion about any of these schools or suggest other options in the area (W-O, Kraainem, Stockel, WSL, WSP)?

We would like a French speaking school.

Thank you in advance!



Top 5, rest will be too far or cost too much, but why Singelijn out of 17 schools in WSL?
Don't even look beyond the 5 schools you've chosen.
BTW good luck at SC de Stockel you will need to immediately reserve a place for September 2017, this school will fill up first.
Those 5 are all great, so really I would choose as near to home and the one you like the most.


Thank you for your feedback.

On your question... We heard good things about Singelijn and the fact they had no more vacancies for the open day, proves the demand is high which certainly comes from the good reputation of this school.
any suggestion from the other 16 schools in WSL?


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