Badminton Makati

Hi All,

Anyone health conscious, sports loving person here who would like to join us in  badminton over weekend.

We are a group of guys and gals playing badminton every weekend behind Makati square.

contact me for more details.


My office-mates play there during thursdays. :)

Hello :cheers:

To further spread the word amongst members interested in sports, please drop an advert in the Sports Partners field of our Manila Classifieds section.


great.. you can start playing with us then :)

I'm not really a fan of badminton. Hahah. I take zumba sessions though. :)

Can I get the exact place where you play badminton?

It's near on my workplace :)

Hi Jaynee,

planet badminton near waltermart..makati sqr. we try to play once in a week and generally coordinate through whatsapp .

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Yay! This is great! Thanks for letting me know! ;)

Can I join your Badminton game?..

Hi Carl, we play in Makati mostly on weekdays 9PM. We try to play at least once a week. SOmetimes we play on weekends also.

Does this time Suit u? Sent you PM with contact details

Yes! the time is ok with me, I will be in Makati this coming April 2017 sorry I was too eager to be in touch hope your weekly game is still on by that time.

Hi,I will arrive Makati end of april and im looking for some frenz who interested to play badminton

Nice to know that ou are interested.
c u soon at badminton court. contact us once you are in Makati.

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