Infos about Palmas del Mar? Tax on the car I will be shipping?


I have been lurking on this site and really appreciate the amount of information everyone has been willing to share. I finally have a contract on my house in Florida and will be moving to the island in December or January.

I plan on shipping my car. I know that I saw a site linked on here that would allow me to estimate the tax on the vehicle coming into the island but I can't seem to find it. Could someone please post it here for me?

I have visited the Palmas del Mar resort twice in the last year and really like it. Can someone share their recent experience regarding consistency of electrical power and the best internet service for this area.

Thank you in advance!

During the last island wide electrical outage Palmas was affected as the rest of the island. Frogrock one of pur members can give you more details about that and other Palmas related subjects.
Here is the info on importion a car I posted recently:
Car taxes
The calculator is at … 1Form.aspx

Hacienda portal
The phone number is on the page.
Here it's the info:
Departamento de Hacienda
Edificio Intendente Ramírez
10 Paseo Covadonga
San Juan, 00901
Tel: (787) 622-0123
P.O. Box 9024140
San Juan, P.R. 00902-4140

I live in Palmas del Mar. You probably heard of the loss of electricity that happened throughout the island.  Aside from that, there are times when the electricity goes off for a couple of minutes and then comes back on.  Once in a while the electricity goes out for about half an hour.  If you drive around Palmas Del Mar you will see the work trucks working on the electric lines so their work must necessitate the turning off of electricity for some part of the process.  I have also seen the cable company trucks working at running new lines.   There is a facebook page called Palmas Mamas that is a great source of information and referral.  Feel free to contact me. I live in Harbour Lakes.
Internet service is through Liberty Cable, which is also the best television service. There is also a Pennysaver that comes out monthly.

Thanks Rey and Frogrock for your replies!

Ok so I tried the calculator and it wouldn't work for my vehicle. Then I called and was on hold forever. Anyone want to give a guestimate for a 2006 Saturn Vue?

Did you enter the Vin?
Seems all cars and models are not there but the vin number tends to work according to several people.

Yes I entered the Vin as well as the year make and model. I wonder if it being a Saturn has anything to do with it?

A suggestion (not based on experience).  Call the company that will be shipping the car.  They might know,or they might 'know a guy' who knows.

Tried that with Crowley without any luck but thanks!

Finally got a live English speaking person on the phone today. I was informed that the tax will probably be $800 more or less.

$800 isn't too bad and congrats on the contract! I've been showing my house every other day and so far no bites. I'm looking at moving to Dorado to Villas De Golf. Still have to visit again, but just trying to wait a few more days to see if I can get a contract on the house. That way I'll know to just move now or go then come back.

As for the car, I've been debating that myself. I plan to MAYBE take my 2006 Dodge Magnum and buy a Nissan Leaf before going. Electric cars pay no import tax and a 2015 leaf can be had for $8500 with less than 20K on it here in GA.

Good luck on the move! Hopefully my family and I will be coming right along with you!

You better have a charger ready for that car then

We don't drive much. Plugging into a regular outlet should be fine for us.

Where did you hear that there is no import tax on electric cars?
I went to the Hacienda website, and when I put in the BMW i3 I'd like to bring with me, it says I have to pay over $12k in taxes.

If I put in your 2015 Nissan Leaf, it says:


Serial Number (VIN):   
Year :
Vehicle type:   
No. of Doors.:
Importer Type:   
Contributory Price:   
Dear discretion:   

A suggestion: If you bring a car to Puerto Rico, who will service that car? If parts are not readily available you will be facing shipping charges for that needed part, a mechanic who is not familiar with that part and a longer "down time". Also, if you do not live in a house you will have problems running an electric line to the car.

Nissan should service it just fine. They sell the same car on the island so that shouldn't be a problem. I've been considering that in my search for cars. We don't plan on staying in a condo. Either a Villa or a single family home. Whatever we choose will have a garage or car port so charging also won't be an issue.

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