When a property needs fill

From what I understand a lot of property you buy on Ambergris Caye needs fill. Any clue what they use and how in the world do you determine cost? Thanks!

Not sure I would bother the next hurricane just going to wash it away anyway

I am sure there are construction companies to contact once you are there or if you are there now ask your neighbors. Is Ambergris Caye where you are living now?

No. Doing homework and in the process of buying land.

I have only been there once and it is nice but very expensive and very busy. And I do think hurricanes may pose more of a problem than if you lived on the main land.

Not really.  We were on Ambergris Caye exactly I month after hurricane earl. Yes, the docks were destroyed but from what I saw the main land of Belize got it much worse. We have the barrier reef that helps a lot. I took a tour with John Turley of Remax Realty and learned a lot about the government and laws and so much more.  I love the island. I am just looking to live a simple life. I will be retired and am willing to give up some things to live on the water.

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