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Hi good day i need some advice, because my husband employer in Bahrain tells us that application of his visa is rejected by the LMRA they disapproved the GAMCA letter attached on his medical result from accredited clinic here in the Philippines. What are the best thing we have to do thank you. Please help us regarding this matter.

You need to ask your husband to contact his potential employer and find out the exact reason why it was disapproved, i am sure it was from one of the clinics mentioned under here if it was not from the list, better to get the test done from the approved clinics. If it is someone other reason please let us know and someone here could be able to give a positive response.


Thank you for your response the medical examination of my husband are held on one of the accredited clinic of LMRA which is mention on their page name MY HEALTH CLINIC PHILIPPINES. The employer tells us only that LMRA BAHRAIN rejected the letter of medical from here.

Unfortunately apart from your husbands potential employer no one else can know the exact reason why it was rejected, you can request them to contact LMRA and ask them for more details.

the employer e-mail us now tells us that they do their best and they wait to long for the proxess they also said that they hired already another employee who meet their requirement because they need it urgent. Its so sad we spend money and time to all the processing they need.

Dear Ralph,

We regret to inform you that Harmony Music Centre hired another teacher. As you are aware from the beginning of your application, we are in need of a guitar teacher very urgent. Despite of all the reasons you’ve been giving us which cause the delay from your side, we tried our best to get a visa for you. But apparently, the long waiting causes us difficulties and facing problems on keep holding the students and keep them waiting. We have no choice but to accept another applicant who meet the school’s requirements and joined the team immediately.

We thank you for your interest working with us and we wish you good luck for your future.

Best Regards,
Harmony Music Center Administrative Assistant
This is the emailed letter from the employer

Sorry to hear about your unfortunate situation, please dont loose hope keep going through our classifieds sections

Apart from that you could visit the various job portals and register with them like Monstergulf, bayt, naukri, gulfconnexions or go through the daily news paper classifieds section ( / … amp;MNU=24)

Good luck.


Thank you so much for all your support. It feels so bad to us for spending everything maybe there's a problem on GCC and LMRA connection here in the Philippines things that we really don't know. Yes we still moving on and thinking that theres a better opportunity for us... I appreciated alot of your concern. God bless all...

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