Expat life style in Hawassa / Awassa

Hi All,

I did notice some general information about costs of living which is greatly appreciated. I am looking to better understand some more specific salary information.

I am ideally looking to better understand salaries in Hawassa / Awassa, I have been able to find a lot of information in relation to local salaries, but very little on expatriate salaries.

Is there a fly in - fly out culture from from Assa Ababa?

Salary is between 1200-3000 usd for an expat working at Ethiopian university.

From Addis is easy by minibus to Hawassa.

Hello dear could you add me I am interested to join and work there.

Hi Samuel

I am from Thailand and consider moving to work in Hawassa. seeing your post and wondering have you settle well there now?  and like to get advise from you that how is the Hawassa? is it worth to move there? so how is the people, life style and the maximum salary?

will be very appreciated your reply. thank you


Hi anyone

I just need to have any idea how is the life in Hawassa as now I am in consideration to work there but I dont decide yet so. Thank you in advance


I am from Kenya , planning to move to Addis Ababa on internship with the African union.The salaries for interns in the African union Range around how much? What is the cost of living?

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