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Has anyone had an amharic tutor in Addis that they liked? or any recommendations of where to find a tutor?

Thank you!

Hi Erichman and welcome to the forum!

Could you please post an advert in Addis Ababa classifieds > Language classes section? It may help.;)


Amharic tutors:

1. Yetesha. 0911-149-308
2. Fikadu. 0911-635-966
3. Eyader. 0912-026-104
4. Dereje Atale, Amharic language teacher and expert, 0911-370106,  a.atale[at]  • Learn Amharic, Oromiffa or other local languages at the Leslau Language and Cultural Center.
Monday through Friday, three mornings per week (9:00-11:00 AM), or three evenings per week (6:00-8:00 PM). Located on the road from Atlas Hotel to Desalegn Hotel, in from of National Oil Company (NOC) headquarters. Contact: 0911-014-994/0911-125-094 or info.llcc[at]

Source: Welcome to Addis Guide 3rd Edition

I presume by now you have found someone. I have a tutor I meet with once a week who is absolutely great and I would be happy to share his contacts.

** Do you happen to know about any intensive amharic/amahaic immersion courses in Addis (or outside the city but in the country)? I know you have researched the topic.

Thanks for any help you can give,


I am amharic teacher for the american company  and i have 7 years of exprience so you can contact me by solbig222[at]

Dear Posters,

If you are still looking for Amharic tutors let me know and I will  give you the address on the best teachers in town


Hello danitheman.

If you have any advice or information, could you share it here on the forum.


Karen :)

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This is just to recommend an Amharic tutor.

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I used to spend my annual vaccation in Ethiopai.I need to learn Amharic to enable me to communicate with my friends.

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Could you share the contact and rates with me?
I'm located in Megananga.

Hi Erich,

how are you?

are you still looking for an Amharic Tutor or already managed to find one?

well in case you are not there yet, i hope i can be of a great help. My name is Sikander and i am a fluent amharic speaker (native) and i can assure you that you will be happy with the results. i also speak Hindi language. we can be good friends as well.

please do contact me on

have a good time

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Dear Sara, for your question about intensive emmersion based, amharic language classes, Yes there Is one I know.if you still interested we can talk.hear is my number:[moderated: pls avoid phone num on the forum] thanks.

Hi there
going to be Moving to Addis at the end of the year
Wish to learm Amaharic
can i have your contact number please ?


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got your number, thanks
How much do you charge ?

I think we can talk that! or mail:fasilka15[at]

Hello!Are  u still looking for a toutor?
If so,I'm a language trainer as well as a toutor who is currently work for Us Peace Corps as a language in case u want to learn the language from the experienced language trainer who is trained with world class trainers and trainings,  who train the language in the imerssion method of teaching ,plz contact my opinion,jus only being the language speaker won't make u to be the best language teacher!
Take care :)

what kind are you looking for

I am based in Addis (50%) but travel frequently (50%).
I am looking for an experienced Amharic tutor which can provide intensive professional language training (2 hours per day (late afternoon) 5 days per week). I need private lessons for minimum 3 months with flexible schedules due to my frequent travel assignments.

If you are interested, please let me know about your language teaching experience and leave your contacts,

Hello can-eth and welcome to

I invite you to drop an advert in the Language classes in Addis Ababa

This might help you find a tutor quicker.

Kenjee Team

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please specify your interest well, what type you need and your address. if you tell me i can help you soon.

did you ever get an answer for your question?  I am also looking for an Amharic tutor.

I am your guy

What are your details? Come you do it by correspondence?

that goes with out saying

**please get in touch

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Hey, Could you contact me about the intense Amharic courses you mentioned?

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