International schools

I'm Italian.
Next year we'll move to Bruxelles and I ' m looking for an international school for my 16 years old daughter.
She'll attend 5th al lycee. Now she's studying English and French at school and with a personal teacher.
Some friends have suggested bics and/or Moliere.
May I ask further informations about these schools?
My husband works in NATO organization so I think my daughter can't attend European schools


Why an international school? Belgian public schools are of a good standard. And it would be best for your child to integrate.

International schools are private. So tuition will be high. You have to take a minimum budget of € 10,000 ...

Institutions you mention are good. But frankly no better than some Belgian schools.

Thank you...
We are interested on international school because we hope she study abroad at university and not necessary in Belgium, so maybe it's better study both French and English....
For sure we need a school in which she could be followed by teachers and/or tutors for the first period because she is neither French nor English.
It's a very difficult choice......

I understand you. But the courses are given in french with English as a second language. But as I said, if you do really want your child master a foreign language, it must implement the immersion

My daughter is 7 years old speaks french, Portuguese and English. And she goes into a public school.

Are you entitled to school fees? There are perhaps 100+ children at BSB whose parents work at NATO.

At BSB you can do bilingual IB diploma in French and English.

However if you are not having school fees paid, I would go for a local French school. If you can manage a drive out to Wavre, there is Le Verseau which will cost you 5k (;local school but allowed to charge top up fees) but I would personally choose there above BICS or Moliere or Montgomery as a school with a track record which is French with some English - about 5 hours a week.

Otherwise in Brussels itself, there is Jean 23 Woluwe, if your daughter can go into S5. This is the only French school in Brussels doing 13 hours in English as well and it also is quite academic. Jean 23 Woluwe is completely free. Again I'd choose this school above BICS, Moliere or Montgomery.

There is no reason why you cannot go to university in English after studying in French / English at a local French school in Belgium. The BCT has a group of parents where a number of their adult children are currently at UK/US/NZL universities in English, having studied at local French and Flemish system schools.  It is quite straightforward going from French/Dutch in Belgium to English university in Anglophone countries.

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