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Hi,  I am looking to retire or at least own a second house in Costa Rica.   Would like to be in a expat community if possible.    Found a link to Guaria Morada Residencias in Jaco.    Seems like a small but growing expat community.  Anyone know anything about this place?

Hi Jim,
i know about this project Guaria Morada in Jaco, very nice and high quality construction for standard price,  they just started the promotion few months ago and already seen several constructions on site, definitely look like serious program, very rare in this area!

I would advise you to vacation in Jaco, multiple times before going ahead and purchasing property. This is a very much of a party town... :whistle:

Sure, you are not boring in Jaco, but you can also enjoy quiet life if you not living center town, this city is growing up fast with Orotina new int'l airport project at 30min, i guess real estate price will increase soon too.

i visited this program Guaria Morada in Jaco couple of weeks ago, i agree, its a nice project with individual houses in high standard construction, small community of 20 lots more or less and safe.Its located in a quiet area, i guess its perfect for vacation or retirement, we are thinking to invest other there soon.

I know I will be coming across as a broken record, but, I would strongly advise - do not buy a house until you have "lived" here for at least a year or two.  And again, it's easy to buy a home here and can be very, very difficult to sell. 

The vast majority of people who move here return to their home countries within a year or two.  I know of several who live near me who want to return but cannot because they cannot sell their house.  One has been trying for six years.

Once you move your belongings here, they are here to stay.  It is not cost effective to ship them back.  What do you lose by renting in various areas and really making sure of the region that you want to be in and that this is the country for you?

Personally, you could not pay me to live anywhere near Jaco.  At the same time there are many ex-pats that do enjoy the area.  You have to find the life style that fits you.  Best of luck in your search.

- Expat Dave

Wow,  great site, cant believe i just found it now.    Hi Jim,  good luck on you search, hope its going well!    I have been living here for a while, love my retired life,   no complaints or  regrets  and also looking to relocate  within CR soon.  I found the property you mentioned online and am going to visit.  Send me a message if you already checked it out ,  I am curious to hear any feedback you or others can share.     I know Jaco and would like to be close to other expats.   I dont mind at all if there is night life. I personally like the nightlife since I enjoy having a variety of restaurant options, bars, casinos, etc.   I may be retired but i  am not dead!!   I want my grown children to visit often and In fact the best meal i have had since i moved here is on the beach in Jaco overlooking the pacific.      Every place has its advantages and disadvantages.  Only you know what is best for yourself.   


Thanks everyone for the feedback,  I have visited so many properties in Costa Rica over the last few months.   I have decided to move to Jaco!    It is a wonderful town.  The GM property is my style and within my budget.   I cant buy a brand new house for $140,000 USD  where i come from.     I agree with previous post.    Jaco may not be for everyone,  but the same can be said for every city in the world.  I think it is right  for me and i look forward to my big move!

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