Tiny Homes in Costa Rica

Hello, my name is Leanne and currently live in AZ. My husband and I have talked about moving to Costa Rica for a few years now. We would like to know if anyone has any information about either building/buying a tiny home or the costs of having on shipped.

Thank you in advance for your time.

Leanne & Patrick

Why bother with a 'tiny house' when you could build or buy a small cement block house for a decent price? Import duty and taxes would be high.

Living in a 'tiny space' would be very hot...

Some info on living and working  here

You make good points. However, we like the idea of being able to up and move to another location.

You hit the proverbial 'nail on the head'.

If you could easily move it, so could anyone else...  :unsure  Theft is common here, and unless it was secured, you would have to have someone in it, 24/7. Leave things in plain sight in your vehicle or on your door step and they will soon be gone.

During the heavy rain you would need to have an extended roof to keep dry and protect from the sun.

You may have problems getting a permit and a vehicle to move it. 

It is not like North America and there is very few camping or RV parks spots here.

You can rent an apt, condo or house and move around a lot easier.

Hi Leanne and Patrick,

I like the idea of a "tiny house".  I wouldn't bother  have it shipped.  You can have it built here.  You will need to adjust your building to the tropics.  Building prices are about 700 to 1000$ the square meter.  Of course, it depends on the material you use for building.  I would bring a house plan maybe.

You will love Costa Rica!  Gini

You should look into using SIP panels. SIP panels such as Panacor's are lower priced and earthquake approved and lightweight and fast to build with - much faster (thus cheaper) than concrete blocks. You can build with SIPs for around $650 a square meter ($60/sq ft). Now that's FINISHED with ceramic floors, roof, cabinets, sink, plumbing, etc.
Of course YMMV but if you shop around I think you can get that.

(Beware of a particular Canadian builder who uses SIPS, and caused me and many others a lot of problems. Luckily I found out about his b.s. before I paid him a dime, but he cost me a lot of time and frustration.)

Anyway I highly recommend the SIPS over concrete but both are fine if you get a great price. A 50 sq mt SIP house can be built in 3 months, saving a lot of labor costs.

As for shipping containers and such, here, to live in, personally I can't imagine living in a metal house in tropical sunny Costa Rica; I can't imagine that it would not be worse than a pizza oven.  Granted I've never been in one.

Whatever you build, tightness of the walls (i.e. no air leaks) is crucial, especially in the lowland areas, where you'll probably need a.c., and INSULATION especially below the roof, is key.

Some people build tree houses and you can find examples on the net. In fact there is at least one community of them.

Shipping anything into Costa Rica is a roll of the dice as to how much they're going to charge you for import taxes and how much red tape you'll have to go through to get it. I'd avoid it.

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