Grocery Shopping Online in Turkey


I'm trying to purchase Sushi Rice online, to have it delivered to Gaziantep. I went on Migros website and they have no stock.

Any ideas?

Thank you very much

Macro mostly holds such items, though you may want to check for Gaziantepe delivery.

Good luck

Thanks Xeeschan. They only deliver to Istanbul. Any other ideas??

Beats me. I could check with BIM, its a large local network, though I doubt they hold something as specific as Sushi rice.

Thanks man. Metro and Migros actually have it, but they don't have any in stock :'-(

No problem. Hopefully you'll get it in time.
Good luck


just a lil advise, if you search something, try to search in local language :)

for example search "sushi pirinci" and you will have some sites to order it. here are few for you to check … -1-kg.html

Thanks very much. I tried searching many stores for suşi pirinçi but couldn't find, then in some stores I did, but they wouldn't send to Gaziantep, and then in some stores they don't accept international credit cards. All I want to do is make some wonderful sushi in Gaziantep. Hehehe.

Thanks for your help!


Im planning to visit Gaziantep whit in next month if i do i will bring it to you from istanbul :)

Thank you so much. You are all so kind!

HunteS. If you could take my personal email then we can communicate there (xxx).

Thank you so much

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