Indian Spices In Istanbul


I have recently shifted to Istanbul and have not been able to find most of the indian spices in Istanbul. It difficult to find stuff like maple syrup etc as well. I have so  far been getting most of my groceries from Migros and Carrefour  plus an organic shop near Ulus. Are there any places where I can find indian spices and yes,  also Coconut Oil?



You'll be able to find most of stuff such as maple syrup in Macro though the prices are ridiculously high.
e.g. the price for a can of oats is priced anywhere between 17 to 25 TL, compared to 1-3 something Euros everywhere else.

You might be able to find some spices there too. Though it's advisable bringing them from home next time.

Good luck

Home? Seriously? I can't be bringing a years supply of spices from Pakistan. :) Thanks though! I ve been to macro for a few things and I agree it's a total rip off!

Oh well... For a guy, I can pass six months on 3 packs of Shan tikka masala.. I agree our perspectives are slightly different. >: )

I'll check out with a couple of people who are interested in Pakistani food. In case I get a response I'll post it up.

And yups, Macro and electronic/white goods here.. ridiculous prices!


Shan tikka masla! Kiya yad dila diya! I know what my luggage will consist of on my next trip. But basic stuff is difficult to find. And the parsley smelling coriander used here makes me wanna run back home. Anyway! I'd REALLY appreciate if you can pass on any information you get about the spices. Maybe I can parcel you some Desi food as a token of thanks! :)

Spot on on that luggage thing!! And spot on on the corriander thing... And also the shawarma.. I mean... well... magarmach ke moon mein.. Hmmm  :/

Oh by the way, I dont know why I forgot to mention. Most spices are actually available in Misir Çarsisi/Spice Bazaar in Eminunu...
You should be able to get anything from there. Hopefully the prices are reasonable. Keep that token of thanks ready please! An 'original ' biryani, kindly! : )

Hopefully this helps,
Good luck

Oh thanks a lot. I'll just remember the name as "mısırı charsi". Oh and I just made biryani day before yesterday....WITH shan bombay biryani masala! But the offer is still on since I got my stock of biryani masalas! :)
Have a good day! While I go check out the charsi 's shop

Great! Good luck with that!

And please remember, the pronunciation is actually Charshi! This Charsi is too stoned ! : )
Enjoy the day.. and good luck with the spices.


salam. new to forum but really helpful. thanks xeeshan bae ur posts are really helpfull. i along wd my family recently moved to istanbul. after huge struggle we were able to find pakistani spices. comparitivly cheaper than pakistan. i bought whole month supply of garam masala, red chilli powder, biryani masala, etc. for around 20 turkish liras. i really forgot the name but once i recall i ll definately post it.

Glad you found my posts helpful.  : )

Once you recall the name, please mention since it will help the OP wit another solution. 

Thank you

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Good luck

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Hi hussains, that's really great to knw that someone suceeded in spice hunt specially biryani msala cz i got out of stock last month. Plz recall the name of shop and place as am impatiently waiting.

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