Wholesale evening dresses Istanbul

Where can i buy wholesale evening gowns/dresses in instabul please?

Just to offer a possibility that might suit you … anbul.html

Thank you

Your best bet in Istanbul would be to check out the rundown places surrounding the Grand Bazaar in SultanAhmet.
Kadikoy will be another place for doing such research.

Whether you are in SultanAhmet or Kadikoy, you have to keep in mind that the displayed rates will highly overpriced and you will have to bargain hard for the right price.

Hopefully this helps.
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Thank you so much for the info, i own a  business in which i sell Evening wear so i wanted to buy in large quantities.

Yes, I understand you are looking for wholesale as you have already mentioned in the title.
That is why I mentioned the places where you find wholesale stuff.

Good luck

Ok thank you for your help :-))

No problem.  : )

Hi Xeeschan

I didnt understand anything from your messages.

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It's OK.  The OP has understood the msgs perfectly well.

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Hi Xeeschan

I didnt understand anything from your messages.

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Hi Sophia

You can buy dresses from LALELİ and OSMANBEY  in İstanbul


Please PM me and I can help you. If you could provide some more details or pictures of approximately what you need that will be great.



Zeytinburnu and especially Merter.

Do this places have online shops and can one still bargain there

check your pm

Hi i am also interested in opening a webshop with kids clothing, (Dresses, suits) but also for grownups, mother daughter dress, father son suit and eveningdresses.  I was in Istanbul last week but did not find any good wholesale. I dont want to buy from the bazaar or shops they where unfriendly mostly and did not give me a good price. I would like to find the manufacturers and buy from them.

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