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Hi Everyone,

    In a state of Confusion , hopefully might get some advice from all fellow members to clear my doubts. The Situation is as below

My Employment pass is expiring this Month around 27th of October , my current employer has already submitted the documents for renewal of Employment pass and is expected to get stage 1 clearance by 20th of October , following which they will further Apply for Stage 2 clearance , which i got to know from them that as per new Malaysian Immigration rule , the stage 2 Approval will take 4 weeks of time to get.

The problem arise that i have to exit from Malaysia around 23rd ( October ) due to some family issues back in Home Country(India) , and in the meantime the employer will wait to get Stage 2 approval from the Immigration , but also to be noted my current EP would have been expired while i'll be in Home Country.

The problem is how to re-enter Malaysia legally in November 2nd week , while my Stage 2 approval is in process , please note i do have my passport with me and will be submitted to Malaysian Immigration only after Stage 2 approval is granted for which i have to be present in Malaysia.

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I would get your HR department sort out your issue since they are processing your EP. They can supply you with the right referral documents for you to enter Malaysia after your trip back. What referral documents, again please speak to your HR, they should liaise with Immigration on behalf of the company for you.

@troyventuress  Thanks for the info

HR suggested to enter with a Visit pass , then once back here , they will send the passport to immigration to get the EP sticker , by the way HR already received the stage  1 approval , submitted for 2nd stage approval which might take some time.

The new rule is you can not endorse your passport for EP if you are here on social visit
The best is to wait for the approval of your EP in your home country. Once your EP is approved..your HR needs to forward you the approval letter and vdr letter. You hv to go to embassy of malaysia in your home country and obtain the single entry visa to malaysia by showing your vdr letter. When enterinh malaysia you hv to produce your approval letter at the entry point. Once you reach here your HR had 30 days to endorse your passport.  You can always enter Malaysia b4 your EP is approved with a social visit pass but once your EP is approved you hv to exit malaysia for a minimum 72 hours before you can re entr to endorse your passport..hope this helps

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