New members of the Dominican Republic forum, introduce yourself here – 4th quarter of 2016

Hi all,

Newbie on the Dominican Republic forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Dominican Republic if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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My wife and I are leaving Ontario in 2 weeks heading to our rental house for the next 6 months. Its our 1st step in down sizing and moving towards life abroad. I will be traveling back and forth for work. We are taking several suitcases and diving gear that's been sitting far too long. Our expectations limited to learning a new life. We are looking forward to embracing  new language, living small and with some luck finding our path to health and happiness. Although I have questions it's with excitement we look forward to learning firsthand and going with the flow. Thank you for permitting me to share.

Welcome to the forum. You will find many here with in valuable info on life in the DR.  I like your plan. I too have been working toward this goal. All including the dive gear.

StanR. Thanks for your kind reply. I found motivation when  a friend 6 months away from full time R&R fell several steps and is now a quadriplegic. Shortly thereafter another was lucky to survive several ailments.  We have looked and researched until the cows come home from one country to another. Each one wonderful in its own way. One day your life outlook changes and you find yourself asking whats the point. WE downsized to the point friends and family were either happy or preparing to have us committed. Unlike every country we deeply reviewed the DR is one never set foot in. Other than pointing to Sosua/Cabaret on the map we know zip. The qualifiers we're proximity to North & central America, flight times, cost, peso, sustainability, sun, water.
We found someone to take over our rent for 6 months. There is no turning back and with 2 weeks left have only our imagination to draw on. As Nike says..just do it!

Certainly with a 6 month test drive you will know if living in the DR is a fit for you. I think you will find that there is a lot of Canadians who had the same dream as you and are now living it.
I look forward to hearing if it meets your expectations.

Welcome to the forum. Good for you - life is too short. Live it your way!!!

Planner. Thank you and yes. All that wonder are not lost.

Thank you for kind words.

Ramdaddy  Welcome to the forum. Lots of good info and good people here.

We moved full time to the north coast (Sosau/Cabarete) area 10+ years ago full time.  We retired early as is too short.

Giving yourself a 6 month trial is a good thing as the DR is not for everyone. 

Let us know if we can help with anything

Bob k

paulineoconnell Today 17:53:06
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Hey everyone!

My name is Pauline and my boyfriend and I are potentially planning to move to the DR within the next couple of years.  This has been such a helpful forum so far and I just wanted to say thanks for that! Haha.

I just wanted to introduce myself for future conversations. :)

Pauline welcome.  Have you visited here before.

Lots of good folks and good info on this board.  Please let us know you plans and progress.  Read, read and then read some more here and feel free to ask questions you may have.


Hi Bob!

I found this great site only yesterday but I have managed to read over the "cost of living in the DR" forum and learned a bunch already. The idea to potentially move to the DR came about because I live in Pittsburgh, PA right now and have been contemplating moving to L.A. in the future as well; BUT, it seemed odd to me that I would be willing to move to a place that is super expensive for the chance of sunshine and "living in a cool place".

I had actually visited the DR once before in 2008 as part of a mission trip with my Church and I just remember really kind of falling in love with it. Not too mention that compared to living in the US, it is a cheaper alternative for a place that has so much to offer for someone who loves the outdoors and anything to do with animals. I also remember eating some of the freshest and best tasting food I have ever had in all of my travels so far, and some really great people as well. :)

Hence why I have been looking into saving up for a couple of years and then just moving to an island paradise that is cheaper to live in for me, rather than potentially wasting a bunch of money in L.A. "trying to live the dream."

I am a Navy veteran as well so I actually have a consistent pay check coming in every month already which would make it easier for me and my boyfriend to transition. Hence we would really only have to work some side jobs if we wanted to live comfortably in the DR. My boyfriend is also a really great cook and has always wanted to open his own restaurant which seems like it would be easier to open in the DR due to no taxes on business that help with tourism,  (from some of the things I have read already).

There just seems to be a lot of potential for being able to live a great life in the why not!? =]

Welcome to the forums and thanks for  sharing  a bit of your story. As you read through  ask  lots of questions and start your own threads as needed or wanted!

You  certainly need to come and spend a month or two not as a tourist and explore some.

Restaurants are a very tough business but with the right circumstances, right people, right location they can succeed.

Yes please ask a way.

Bob K


And yes, we are definitely planning to come down several times to check out the different parts of the DR for future planning. So far from my research I really like La Romana, Barahona, Cabrera, and the Jarabacoa/Constanza area as well. :)

All are very nice places with other Expats in those areas.

We are on the north coast in the Sosua/Cabarete area for the last 10+ years

Bob K


We should try and meet up when we are in the area. :)

Works for me.  Let me know when you guys are in the area

Bob K


I just became a member and made a Post in the forum titled: "U.S. CPA Looking to Relocate to Las Terrenas".  Could you please let me know if I did it right?

Very respectfully,

-Jose M. Vazquez, CPA


My name is Jose M. Vazquez, I am a U.S. based CPA in the process of relocating to Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic.  I am looking for information that can help my relocation to Las Terrenas as well as finding new accounting clients.  I would gappreciate any tips you could share with me.

Thank you very much for your time, I am very much interest in hearing from you.

Very respectfully,

-Jose M. Vazquez, CPA

Greetings everyone.  Recently I publish a post on my LinkeIn regarding tax savings for U.S. citizens and residents living abroad.  The post was oriented for freelancers, but many of the information contained in it would help any U.S. expat.  I would like to share the post, here, I thing many could find it useful. … =prof-post

Hello everyone, My fiance and I have plans to move with our kids to Santo Domingo in the next two years. Currently, we are trying to buy a house in Santo Domingo through financing and we are researching which bank would give us the best financing. We have dual citizenship in the United States and Dominican Republic and own properties in the US. We hope to use our properties here as leverage to get approved for financing.

Welcome to.the forums.  Using US property isn't likely to help you here and a mortgage will have ridiculous rates compared to there.  Finance there and save a pile of money!!!

Planner is correct. Much easier and cheaper to do you mortgage back in the US

AND welcome to the forum.  Lots of good info here.  Please keep us updated on your progress

Bob K

Well Hello!
Just closed on a house  in Las Terrenas.  After just the third time in this part of the island, we decided to take the plunge and see what was available. After coming to the DR for many years and seeing many of the other parts of the island, this secluded and bohemian lifestyle just wowed us.
Working with Doug from Beach Town Property in Las Terrenas, we were able to find just the right place for us to retire to in a few years. Now begins our transition as we are interested in compiling  a list of the basic addresses and contact iinformation, like butcher, local news, bakery, conchos, etc.
Rick R

Hey Rick welcome.  We are  bit up the road from you in the Sosua/Cabarete area.  There are  a few folks on this forum who live in your area and I am sure they will be checking in and giving you some tips.

If you are in the area and are up to it there is a "meet up" in Sosua this coming Saturday (10th) ins Sosua at the Jolly Rodger bar at 1PM.  I would be great if you could make it and meet some of the local Expats.

Bob K

I second that welcome!!!! Do lots of reading and ask questions!!!

First off, a HUGE thank you to Planner and Bob K. You two are the heavy lifters here. So many great posts between the two of you. I'm indebted to both of you.

My quick story: just spent two years living in Ecuador with my wife. Liked it, but after two years, We knew there was someplace else that would fit us better. We are doing exploratory trips to Belize, Costa Rica, and the DR this winter. The more I read about the DR, the more excited I get. I seem to be getting drawn to this island more than the other places I've been researching.

dbower welcome. 
It sounds like you are going about it the right way.  Do read the lots of information here on this forum and feel free to ask away

We have been here full time for over 10 years now

Bob K

Thanks for the kind words!!! Welcome to the forums!!!

We left Sosua almost 4 weeks ago. Work. Currently in FT McMurray.
Last 2 weeks between Calgary & here the weather has been Minus -35 to - 46 C most evenings.

But its a dry cold if that possibly makes sense.

WE are returning to Sosua this weekend. We look forward to spending Christmas exploring Cabrera. No well laid out plans. Just wandering.

For whats its worth we were approved for bank account and registered a DR company with no issues and in short time.

So quickly the DR has filled our minds and hearts. We are wanderers but not lost. if anything we have finally located something that has eluded me for a long part of my life.

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Frank And Karin
Hi we are thinking of retiring in DR Is there any organization to help with this. the only thing I have found is are they reputable. We want to plan an exploratory visit early next year.


Hi Frank and welcome to the forums. Yes there is help available. 

What part of the country  are you planning to visit?

Read read and read some more, lots of good info here.

Hello Frank and Karin,

Welcome to the forum. My husband and I have lived in different parts of DR in the past twelve years. We moved here from the US. Currently we are devoted to helping those interested in moving to the DR settling comfortably and without issues. Feel free to reach out if you need any help.

I fotward to moving to Dominican Republic, maybe around March or April 2016. It would be a good move for me, , it closer to USA, than where im at now in Asia, i look forward to meeting others family, and new friends fron Cananda and USA, bless yo all, im a retired American Marines

ronha welcome.  There is lots of information here on the various threads.  Read, read and read some more and ask questions you may have.

Have you been to the DR before?  Where are you looking to relocate?

Have a great holiday season

Bob K

Hello Ronha,

Welcome to - Dominican Republic. A wealth of information is had by the members of this forum.

My name is Diana. I live in Boston, MA. Even though I am Dominican, I have been away from my beautiful country for 27 years. I have but 1 sibling/brother living in Jarabacoa. I just recently  (this year) traveled to the DR for a months roadtrip, and now truly appreciate and learned a bit more about my country. I have become more drawn into the idea of living a peaceful, less hectic, off the grid life, and where best than the Dominican Republic where it is already part of me, my heritage.

Places that I like most are Las Terrenas and Jarabacoa. But being a New Englander (living on the eastern part of the States) I prefer Jarabacoa for it's cool weather yet warm enough to know I live in the DR. I have been here many times and love the way of living and the locals. Furthermore, I went for 3 days in August and this is where Jarabacoa truly stole my heart. Haha. My goal is to move within the next five years, when I have already figured out housing and work. I have a 10 year old son that hopefully will like the plan. Lol. He's never been to the DR, I am planning on introducing him this coming summer.

I came accros this website, searching for Jarabacoa way of living and decided to Join. I like to read other peoples stories, it excites me to feel how happy most of you are ultimately doing what your heart desires to live a tranquil life. So, I will be around here just gaining ideas and strategies for when it's my time to do the same.

Blessings, Merry Christmas. Feliz Navidad!!

Welcome Diana,

My husband is also a Dominican raised in Massachusetts. He also loves Jarabacoa for the same reasons you listed. We lived near Jarabacoa for 9 years, but currently live in Santo Domingo.

Thank you @ Abreuimmigration! Feliz Navidad.

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