New members of the Dominican Republic forum, introduce yourself here – 3rd quarter of 2016

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We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Dominican Republic if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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My name is Brandon and my wife is Celeste. We are planning our escape from the United States to Las Terrenas. We have already fallen in love with what we have seen and read about the country. I am a disabled veteran of the US Army and I have a disability check that comes in each month. My wife and I were wondering if that counts towards the provisional residency? That is my stable monthly income so would fit the bill for that?
We are so excited about our future adventure. We are both California people with a bit of gypsy. Having been in the military I have moved all around the country and been all over the world. My wife has moved around as well and we are looking for our paradise to call home for the rest of our lives. we like the slower pace we have seen there, the beach is a must, and plenty to eat.
If someone would be able to help us out with more information it would be greatly appreciated. We are also trying to find out where the best place to look for rental villas would be. We have noticed that it isn't easy finding them online. Is there a website that has listings we can see?  We have seen that there is a lot of furnished homes there, is that typical for the homes to be fully furnished?
Thank you all,
Brandon and Celeste

Welcome to you both. I believe your disability pension qualifies you. I will confirm. Furnished villas are usually for shorter term rentals but are available. Best way to do.d a place - boots on the ground. Book a hotel or Airbnb then spend a week or two looking for a place.

Thank you very much. How hard is it to get our own furniture in country? And the lease expensive way? Is it better to sell and just buy locally there?

Yes the disability qualifies, for a couple it is US 2,000 per month of income.  yes its easy to get almost everything here.  May I suggest you start reading threads there is a ton of info in them.   Then when you have questions, post them in the  approriate thread OR start a new one anytime you need to!!!!

Join the facebook group "Everything Cabarete for sale or rent. You may find what you are looking for there.

Stan has a great idea.  There is lots available here which was not the case 11 years ago when we arrived.  We brought a ton of stuff with us because you could not find it here. Today I would bring almost nothing with me.

Boots on the ground is the way to look for  a place.   I would also caution you to rent something for a 6 month period to make sure you have picked the "right" place to live.

Bob K

I currently live in Atlanta with my husband who is retired Military & 14 year old son. We have spent 14 years overseas in Turkey, Japan, Australia, & Germany, moving back to the States in 2012. I am not liking being back in the stress of day to day living here, along with the crime, traffic and the quality of life. I've been looking into moving to DR (North).  Don't mean to sound spoiled or anything, but I want to enjoy my life, not working, enjoying life and letting someone else take care of the daily chores of taking care of a household. My husband is coming along with the idea of moving and possibly not working. I see it as a blessing to retire before "50" and living on his retirement. I just need to convinced myself, that I'm not losing my mind (as my friends think) for wanting to make a drastic move. We are planning to visit DR in Dec for the first time. In am looking to move next Summer, hopefully. I wanted to know if anyone shipped furniture or vehicles and was it worth the cost. We are looking to rent first and possibly build a house once we narrow down where we want to live for sure. Any info regarding private schools in cost and how easy or difficult it is getting kids in. What's the best benefits, you've seen so far with retiring in DR. I have been doing a lot of reading. Thanks for your time.

Lisa Morris

Welcome to the forums. So there is lots of info in  threads,  go read read read. You will find specifics about  shipping and  experiences with that - they have been discussed multiple times and fairly recently  I believe.

You are not  crazy  just willing to take a leap of faith.  You can prepare by reading and visiting and then you just have to do it.  Renting is a good idea. And most things are not worth shipping except when there is sentimental value. Almost anything can be bought here now....

Make sure to ask your questions in the threads OR start your own s needed!

Thank you Planner. Much appreciated.

Cailisa89 let me add my welcome.  No you are not crazy and it sounds like you are going about it the correct way. We "pulled the plug early as well" with me at 55 and my wife at 50.  We have been here on the north coast for the last 10+ years on a full time basis and did in fact build a villa here.

There is lots of information on the board here so read, read and then read some more.  Many of your questions will be answered.  Those that are not PLEASE feel free to ask and keep us up to date on your progress

Bob K

Thanks for your comment.  Has living there benefited you & your wife financially to make a difference then if you were in the States? I want this to be a smart move.

We retired early and are living here at the same level as in the US for about 40% less.  We did sell real estate here on the North Coast for a couple of years in the beginning.

Bob K

We are headed to the Sosua  area to see if this is the right place for us to make a retirement. I am 62 disabled and wife is 59.

We have looked @ Panama Boquete area but need to see more areas

Will be there in Nov.  looking at Casa Linda housing. Any info. would be of great help.

Hello my name is Kelly and I am 48, single and looking to relocate from the east coast of the US.  I was looking at Punta Cana but am open to suggestions.  I have some money saved up but would eventually need to work to sustain a decent lifestyle.  I have been reading as much as possible on the DR but I feel like most of it is tourist information.  I really need to know what living in the DR is like from an expat's point of view.  I am ready to move today but don't want to make egregious mistakes due to my haste to get away from here.  All advice is welcomed.

Welcome to you both.  The forums are full of lots and lots of great information.  Read read read and  ask your questions in the various threads. If wanted, open your own thread so we keep the conversations a bit organized!!!

Living here can be truly amazing!

Let me add my welcome to you both.   Yes read the tons of information here on living in the DR.  It is not for everyone but if it is right for you it can be a great experience.

Bob K

Oldfart.  Casa Linda is one of the many options for an expat living here on the north cost.  We actually rented there for while when we first got here.  You need to spend some time exploring the area.

Bob K

Hello, we are Bonnie and Jim. We are presently living in Panama City, Fl. our intentions are to retire to the DR within the next 5 years. She is a nurse, while I am amechanical engineer and a Master in the Merchant Marines.
We have just been approved to build a villa in Sosua Ocean Village and are excited. We are looking for information on nearly everything- furniture, dual citizenshipappliances, air conditioning contractors, shipping of furnishings/automobile. I understand that citizens can ship free of the import taxes !?

Any and all information will be welcomed.

Precision Engineer
Welcome to the forum.  There is a lot of good information here so read, read and read some more. A lot of your questions will be answered in the various threads.  What is not answered we can probably help.

We build a villa just up the road a bit from you and it is quite the experience. Who is your builder, do  you plan on being here for the build. When do you plan on starting?  Will you rent it out before the final move? 

Lots to consider and think about.

Getting furniture here and building finishing things (lights, switches, fans, AC, household goods are all pretty easy (not like it was when we built)

You do get one "tax free" shipment of household goods but it needs to be done within 6 months of you getting your residency.  This residency process must start in  your home country ( a huge thread on how to do this can be found here)

Good luck and keep the questions coming.

Bob K

Welcome to you all!!!   As Bob has said, lots and lots of info on the forums.  Read as much as you can, ask questions in the appropriate forums AND feel free to open threads for your own needs! 

We are here to help whenever we can!

Hello my name is Leandro Corral from Argentina. I lived in Dominican Republic since 2000 and let me tell you is a great country to do business, retired or both. I'm lawyer working in investments, tourism, migration and energy. I would be more than glad to help anybody who wants a first information of some matter. I work and help many expats who came to DR because sometimes is difficult to know in new country. I follow the forum since a week and I want to congrats Planner (sorry for not mention your name) for all the great work she does. My email is ***

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Thank you  LeoCorral,   you are a welcome addition. Jump right into the forums and start helping out.... and please we will be removing your email,  we dont  allow that on the forum. But please go  list your services in the Business Directory!

Can we please keep this thread to greet New members, thanks everyone.  Specific conversations need to be done in other threads.

Hello to everyone.  My name is Mackenzie.  My husband and I currently live in near Toronto, Ontario Canada.  We have come here to make new friends and gather advice from other expats in regards to relocating to the DR.  My husband will be finished his schooling in Osteopathy in 2018 but also has background in CT scan and xray.   Lots to research and read I'm sure here.  I look forward to any and all advice shared.  Thankfully my children are grown, so it would be me, husband, dog and cat :)  Yes, our pets are our kids  :)    Look forward to hearing from other members here. 

Welcome  Mackenzie!  First advice read read read and ask lots of questions!!!  Share your experiences as you  move forward as well.

Mackenzie welcome to the forum and as Planner said read the multiple threads here on the forum.  Feel free to ask any specific question you have.

Where did your husband go to school?  Will he be trying to work here.  If so it will be very difficult for him.

Bob K


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