Transjakarta Busway

Transjakarta Busway which is still a great thing to use for next to nothing (3,500 for as far as you like if you dont get off and leave the network) has changed the way you access the bus system.

You need you Flazz card or Emoney card to get you into the network but now you also need to swipe the card to leave it as well.

There are a lot more buses on the network as well including Kopaja. Most useful tip, if the first bus you see is sardine tight then wait for the next one and it is most likely to be empty or emptier, as is the way with people using buses here.

Traffic is hell in Jakarta, so using cheap bus services is often a good idea, is always  cheaper, and will probably get you there quicker.

Normally a good idea.... and no worries about finding a parking space.

The busway is cheap, works well (Most of the time), and is generally a lot faster than a car as they have bus lanes other vehicles aren't supposed to use.
The stops are mostly in the middle of the road, meaning you use a footbridge to get to them.

These links give you a lot of information about the services.

Route map page here

The stops are clean and tidy.
The first thing you see is a card controlled gate and a ticket office. If you have a BCA Flazz or any of the Mandiri emoney cards, you simply tap and enter the waiting area. It costs Rp3,500 to get in, and you'll find a TV with service information to make your life easier.

The buses are clean and tidy, reasonably comfortable and there are staff to help you if you have problems and keep the ladies only area free for women and children.
The buses have a PA system to announce the stop.
When you get off, you'll be asked to tap your card again, but that's just to make sure you've paid and stop people sneaking in through the exit, so it doesn't debit your card.

Transjakarta has been spending cash on new stock, and they look good.
These brand new double deckers have just been put into service.
I noticed at least one has disabled access.

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