Using Uber or Grab Cars

If you are looking to use Uber or Grab car in Jakarta or outside of Jakarta you have the option of paying by Credit Card or Cash. If I were you I would pay by cash so that you cant have any nasty surprises like this … d-him.html


Dolly, an employee of a private company, told on Wednesday that the problem occurred because the driver did not stop the meter after he got out of the car.

“The driver continued to drive as far as Serang [in Banten] for another 10 hours,” Dolly said as quoted by on Wednesday. Dolly showed a screenshot of the route the Uber driver took after he got out of the car.

You can pay cash with Uber here so they wont rip you off. Grab Car give you a fixed price. Go Car the same. Uber give you an estimate.

Overall Uber is safe and the trips are cheaper than taxis. The drivers I have used have been honest and not taken me the long way round, unlike some of the taxi companies here. Cars are good too.

Uber fired the driver......

I dislike them ad the app requires so much access to your phone.
You have to allow access to everything on your phone, including naughty pictures of your wife and your bank details.
There is no way I'd put their app on my phone, more so when such companies are known to data mine and sell it on.

Here in Bali I refuse to use Uber, or any of its clones.

I rather help to support the independent private Balinese drivers who have been servicing the needs of tourists and expats alike for decades. 

That said, in "the big durian" I can well understand why Uber and its clones are popular, and a good alternative.

Absolutely Roy. My wife uses the same guy in Bali every time for trips around. Far nicer and a better experience.

I've noticed Uber have sales stands in more than one shopping centre now.
It seems they're doing a little aggressive advertising, trying to increase market share.

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