Taxis are getting worse

With the alleged drop in private cars entering Jakarta due to the odd even policy there are more taxis around which should be a good thing. However recent trips with the larger of the taxi companies here have again proven otherwise with the drivers lacking both good driving skills and the knowledge of basic places or well known places in the city without me or the wife having direct them at every turning.
They don't use waze or map apps preferring instead to rely on knowledge. Perhaps like car hailing apps they could be allowed to use map apps or gprs to offer a better service.

There are more buses now which is useful and the bus lanes I ride next too are empty most of the time. The traffic on the tool seems heavier and getting around the city is a little more congested than normal so using taxis is becoming a little more costly. And definitely not worth the money if you are navigating.

I can't comment on the taxis of late as I haven't been into the city much, but I'm hoping the new mass transit systems do something about the traffic hell we all experience when we drive in Jakarta.
The massive flyover push along with new public transport will hopefully help things along.

I've found most Bluebird drivers are fine, but they sometimes have navigational issues when they're outside their home areas.
Same goes for Express, but their driver training seems inferior to BB, or maybe I've just been unlucky and had a couple of duff drivers.

The flyovers are OK just don't forget that at the end of them is the normal chaos, its just the flyovers get you there quicker! Saying that the new one near my house has taken 10 minutes off my journey to work but getting to it is not easy due to the way the road is laid out and the volume of traffic but the flyover crossing the railway at Permata Hijau is very good (except the traffic at the end of it).

The transjakarta bus network is very good though and I think is still getting better with new buses and still very cheap.

The flyovers have the advantage of getting traffic out of the city faster, something that has to be a good move.

I still think the best bet is 'park and ride', eventually forcing all private cars out of the city centre and the worst congested areas, with loading times for commercial vehicles.

I wish they had an answer to the problem of taxis in Bali. There are so many and with them all vying for fares they drive so slowly in the hope of getting one. Often when stuck in traffic its like 4 taxi to one umarked car, seriously ridiculous that they should need so many.

I agree with your comment on the taxi service in Bali .

I have also been approached by two with a not too very nice proposition .
I jumped out when next they stopped ..

I use Uber or Grab now. The service is wonderful, as are the drivers and I feel 100% safer especially at night when travelling on my own .Plus the cost is better than rip off taxi drivers . Especially when they accost you at the airport.
I live in Bali and use my personal driver for most of my trips. He will take care of me and make sure I am safe at all times . Never minds going out of his way for me ....

I also use the local bus at times on my day off if its convenient .. such a shame is isn't better utilised as very cheap , air conditioned and no slower than the rest of the traffic ..

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