Facetime banned

Why is facetime banned in K.S.A???

Easier to monitor own mobile network
Better sales for stc and etc

use vpn

I use whale vpn one of the best vpn...But it doesn't works

I don't know about Face-time but if they ever block Skype i would be devastated, as this is the best way (imo) to keep in touch with my parents back in the UK.

Why then is Skype allowed and Face-Time not?

After the last update imo works only with vpn.....thats my case though

Skype video n voice is also not working

Try vpn amir

I have found that with Express-VPN Skype works every time.

how to use vpn


rodden :

how to use vpn

A VPN provider should provide a tutorial or instructions, or Google the answer.

does vpn work for facetime ?

Ab0udi :

does vpn work for facetime ?

Give it a shot and tell us

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