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why whatsapp is not working in saudia? how to unblock it plz tell me

Try registering with a non saudi number. It should work unless theres barrine by the service probider.

OMG, i thought that my device is the problem S:
yeah i guess they blocked it here in saudi, i'll ask my friends and tell you if its possible to unblock it.


i have a non saudi # and it gets me no where

WhatsApp calling is blocked here in Saudi don't bother with that. You can use Line, Messenger or any other available apps instead

exactly nothing to do with saudi number ..

Can't it be used with the VPN ?? Just wondering !!

vnp is not working

I live in Bahrain and tried making a call with the saudi number on whatsapp. It did not work. Hence it has everything to do with the Saudi number. Then i registered with my Bahrain number, which worked. Hence there's two things. First whatsapp has updated it software and disabled calls for countries that don't 'allow voip calls. Then there's the network. With my Bahrain number i have no restriction at the app level however the saudi networks has a block. The phone will ring on the other side but the voice traffic is blocked.

Trialed and tested.

rareshine :

i have a non saudi # and it gets me no where

If you want to test it. Test it from a Bahrain internet network. This should work. But ofcos in Saudi its no good.

WhatsApp calling was blocked by major Saudi operators soon after it was released.

For a couple of first months, if you called, the ring tone used to go with a successful connection but with no voice transmission. STC SIM mobiles started showing message: "Sorry this service is not supported by your mobile operator".

Some people on Wi-Fi however were making successful calls to others on mobiles with Wi-Fi connection.

Then government (CITC) requested FaceBook and they released a software update that completely stopped the calling facility.

Just sharing my observation.

Do whatsapp calling option start working?
What about vibor? It is also not working here in Ksa.

I've not tried a voice call with WhatsApp but I have sent pictures, text and video while connected to a Wi-Fi network. I use FB Messenger for voice and it works pretty good.

asmi1983 :

Do whatsapp calling option start working?
What about vibor? It is also not working here in Ksa.

WhatsApp calling feature has been blocked by all telecom service providers.
Viber the app in full was blocked a couple of years back.

WhatsApp blocked in Saudi, use Tango.

In Saudi, WhatsApp call is banned irrespective of any country number is registered. Only chat option is available. Along with it, fb messenger and IMO calling is banned. Only LINE is available to make audio and video calls using Internet.

Tango also works.

Hangouts works great as an alternative

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