Visa on arrival & residency question

Anyone know if the Visa on Arrival application is the same as the regular tourist visa application (through the embassy)? Does it have the same section where you have to agree to NOT apply for residency?

The visa upon arrival is only granted through the airport, and it is a regular tourist visa, yes, with the difference it only lasts 3 months. If you apply for a visa before arriving the validity is usually for the time your passport is valid. Both of them cost the same (usd 160,00)
Getting a visa upon arrival does not impend you from requesting permanent residency.
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Thanks but that wasn't really what I was asking. (FYI, for Canadians, the visas received from the embassy expire 90 days after first entry, and can be used for a stay of up to 90 days, whether single or multiple entry. They cannot be re-used until the passport expires like those issued to Americans. I was in Paraguay for a week in January 2016 on a tourist visa issued by the Paraguayan embassy in Canada in December 2015. Next time I go back to Paraguay I will need a new tourist visa, despite my passport being good for another 8 years.)

I know it's OK to apply for residency while in Paraguay on a tourist visa.
On the tourist visa application, there is that statement where you have to agree to NOT apply for residency. Of course it makes no sense but it's still there.

Is that same statement on the application form for the Visa on Arrival at the airport?
What does that form look like?
That is my question.

Thanks for your help.

regulations has changed.
During your stay you should had network with people and professionals capable of delivering answers.

Sorry, but that's not an answer to my very specific question. I'll be going to Paraguay soon & will be able to answer it myself.

I have just returned from Paraguay, and I got the visa on arrival at the airport in Asunción. (I am Canadian).

There were no questions asked, no application to fill out, and nothing to sign (no declaration saying that I would not apply for permanent residency, as on the visa application from the Paraguayan embassy in Canada).

The tourist visa issued will expire at the same time as my Canadian passport expires in 2025.

In contrast, the visa I got from the Paraguayan embassy in Canada in December 2016 (as I was entering by land that time) expired only 90 days after my entry into Paraguay.

a tourist visa expiring in 2025 ?

Yes, because it's valid for the life of my passport, which expires in 2025.
It is only good for stays of up to 90 days. I think I would have to leave the country and re-enter to stay longer than 90 days at a time.

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