Obtaining a Brazilian tourist visa in Asuncion

I just went through the process of obtaining a tourist visa for Brazil here in Asuncion, and I thought I would share it so that it will be easier for anyone else.
The Brazilian Consulate is in Av Mariscal Estigarribia, near General  Aquino, about 3 blocks east of Av Peru. It is almost diagonally opposite the park on the corner. It is open from 8am to 1.30pm.
What you need:
* Passport with more than 6 months validity.  A Paraguayan Residency Cedula will not work.
* Bank statement with 3 months worth of transactions. (I use internet banking and printed out a 90 day statement, which they accepted).
* A 5cm x 7cm photo.  A normal passport sized one will not work.  Any photo place in Asuncion will know about this and will do it for you.
* A ticket to Brazil.  I had only my return ticket from BsAs to Sydney, and this did not work.  As I was going by bus into the Brazilian Pantanal, I had to go to the Terminal and buy a bus ticket to Pedro Juan Caballero (on the border), return to the consulate with it and fill out a declaration that I was going to Pedro Juan for the purpose of entering Brazil to purchase another bus ticket further inland.
At the Consulate:
*  Fill out the online application form on the single computer there, print out the covering sheet, and then present all the paperwork.
*  When they are happy they will then give you a deposit slip for the Bank of Brasil and a map on how to get there.  You go to the bank, deposit 210,000GS, then return to the consulate (again) with the receipt and your passport. 
*  They will give you a blue receipt with a date to return (3 working days) and pick up your passport and visa.

It took me 5 trips in all.  If you follow this guide and prepare properly you should cut down to 3 (the minimum).

Have fun

Thanks for sharing Gabtar ;)


I also went through this process a few months ago. 

However, the visa fee was higher for me, 325 000 guaranies.  I believe it depends on your country of origin.  It is all related to how much Brazilians have to pay for their tourist visa to visit your country.

I didn't have any tickets, since I was travelling by car, but they asked for a copy of my registration / license plate. I also included a short letter explaining the purpose of my trip to Brazil and the duration.

You can also fill in the form online, at home, and print out a "protocol" with the application form number and take it to the consulate, saving time there.

Hello LaCanadiense!

What website did you use to find the online application? Because I couldnt find the application on the Brazilian Embassy in Asuncion's website:

Your response would be very helpful and appreciated. Thanks

...PS My wife wrote an email with questions to this embassy in Asuncion on Feb 28th...so far no response. They might be very busy, but at least an "email recieved" confirmation would be nice. Couple of weeks ago we wrote an email to the Argentina Embassy, and we immediately recieved a confirmation. A couple of days later we recieved a response. Just thought I would share this with you.

I couldn't find it either, and I used the site address that the consulate gave me on a piece of paper with all the other information the first time I went in there.  That is why I used the single on-site computer at the consulate for the application.

Hello gabtar and bombero,

I'm so sorry, but I can't find that little paper anymore. However, it was the address that they give you on that paper with the information about what documents are necessary to obtain the visa.  Do you still have it gabtar?

It worked when I did it, maybe they are having some technical difficulties now.

Sorry, I didn't keep it, as I couldn't find the form on the website and everything else I put in my post.  The website worked, it was just that it was in Portugese and very confusing and I kept going in circles, so I gave up.  I was easy at the consulate, except I had to wait 10 minutes for someone else to finish.  That is the problem there.

Well, 10 minutes is not that much!

When I went to pick up my passport with visa, I had to wait over 1 1/2 hour!  I don't know why, but on that day the place was full of people who needed legalisations!

On the other days, I only had to wait 10 minutes!

I found this regarding the online application:


Gabtar or LaCanadiense, can you verify this is the same form you submitted here in Paraguay? Thanks!!

Hi Bombero911az

Yes indeed this it the visa request form that you fill in and send via internet.  Then you print out a "protocol", basically a visa request form number that you present at the consulate.

Thanks for the link!

Just a quick update.  I just applied for another visa to Brazil.  I used the link immediately above for the application, and printed out the covering sheet and took that to the consulate. It worked. I also took my Paraguayan Cedula to check whether I needed a visa,and alas, yes I still did,but they photocopied the cedula, and my fee went down to 175,000GS.  I don't know whether having the cedula affected the fee, but I believe so.
I did it in the minimum 3 trips this time.

I'm not sure about Australian citizens but visa to Brasil for Americans is valid for 5 years and 90 days per visit. They have a consulate in Ciudad del este as well and they do it the same day for Americans.

This thread is a few years old but I'll ask, and maybe someone will have an answer. Is it fairly easy for an American to get a visa for Brasil in Asuncion? I'm only planning on going to Foz Do Iguacu. Thanks for any help.

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