Latest requirement of paraguay residency and rules for asians

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What are the latest rules to apply for residency. How long it takes. Are there any reasonable lawyer or fixers. Are they giving residencies to Pakistanis. Some people on the forum says its hard. But the honorary Embassedor of paraguay to Pakistan announces free land and citizenship for pakistanis. Looking forward to invest in agriculture....

Please someone guide on it....

I seriously doubt any Paraguayan ambassador, honorary or otherwise, is offering "free land and citizenship" to nationals of ANY country to include Pakistan.   There are no free land programs nor any free immigration programs here in Paraguay for foreigners.   But if some ambassador is offering it, please post either a link to a website or news story that shows this to be the case.   If you really want to get up to date information from expats in Paraguay as well as Paraguayan's who provide services to immigrants, go to the Face Book site "Expats in Paraguay".   It has a couple thousand members and is very active.

The latest "rules" for residency are listed on Paraguayan Embassy web sites.   At least in Canada, US and Germany.  So if it's not listed on the Paraguayan Embassy web site in Pakistan, please go to the Canadian or US Paraguayan Embassy sites (as I assume your OK with English) and you can see the latest requirements.  As for the time it takes, that is dependent on many things, the tides, phases of the moon, who is on duty at Immigration when your paper work is turned in, etc….  In other words there is no "standard" time for the process and anyone who guarantee's you a specific time is lying to you.   I have British friends here now who have used the most popular immigration lawyer, initials J.F. and their applications have been working now for nearly two years and still no approval.   And of course the lawyer is always telling them, "oh it's OK, we'll get it any day now !"   Other people I know have it all done in less than 6 months. … s-pakistan

Here is the link

I posted this link on the FB site to get other expats and the Paraguayan legal/immigration folks to comment.  First comments I got pointed out that the article is from 2013.  And as there has been no influx of Pakistani immigrants or business's from Pakistan,  if this program is for real it doesn't seem to be working.   

I did get some responses that talked of large companies that tried to move into Paraguay and open operations while trying to get tax breaks or free services but that they were all unsuccessful.  To include one company called ALCAN that paid millions $$ to help get the current Paraguayan President elected (Cartes) only to see their efforts and money come to nothing as they never saw any subsidies, so they went away.

Then an expat from South African replied that many years ago Paraguay sent representatives to S. Africa when apartheid ended to offer similar incentives to S. African's who wanted to immigrate to Paraguay and invest in farms, industry etc….. This made him decide to come here and open his farming operation here, but upon arrival there was absolutely no knowledge of these promises by either immigration or any other government agency.  He stayed anyways and is successful today but laughs about the "empty promises" that came to nothing.

I've looked at Paraguayan Embassy websites from US, Egypt and India and they make no mention of a program like this.   Although the Paraguayan ambassador who was quoted in the story making these promises is still the ambassador to Egypt.  And he has a Face Book page, linked here: … cation=ufi
Maybe you could message him for some official verification that this deal is still available?

Bottom line is that in Paraguay there is a wonderful, or terrible depending on whether it's "helping" or "hurting" you, lack of coordination, knowledge and competence within the government.   Written laws and rules and promises given by officials mean very little in actual practice sometimes.   This translates to every individual's Paraguayan experience being different, regardless of how "it's supposed to be".   So I would say before you attempt to take advantage of a program promised by someone you verify as much as possible the particulars "in person" here in Paraguay.   Otherwise you could have an experience similar to that South African farmer…..

Thanks majbjb... you give me abrief reply. So happy to see. So if i need to move i have to move on on risk....

There are some Pakistani, Bangladeshis and a lot of Lebanese living in Paraguay. Pakistanis and Bangladeshis find it very difficult to get a Paraguay residency and Cedula. The immigration drags their feet for at least a year or two before they give out a residency and Cedula. First you need a visa to visit Paraguay and that is not an easy task. You have to apply through the Egyptian embassy in Pakistan and send the documents to Paraguay embassy in Egypt to get them legalized and get a visa stamped on your passport. It will take a few months but it is achievable. My friend did get it through a Paraguay lawyer but he later moved on from Paraguay to Chile since he did not find anything good to invest his money in Paraguay. You are better off in UAE ,Prague or Chile.
Some Pakistanis that live in Paraguay are not citizens of Paraguay for 10 or more years since they find it very difficult to get a citizenship and passport. This information is all acquired from a friend who used to live in Paraguay until last year. Hope that it helps everyone who is interested in Paraguay. Even if you are qualified after 3 years of residency to apply for Paraguay passport, you will have to wait for 3-4 years more to get your citizenship processed or sometimes you will not get it ever.

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If you have enough money to invest.. then it's better to just buy Hungarian bonds.. I don't know the current information but it would take upto 350000EUR, which is a very affordable price, and you can get the whole money back after 5years, excl. money for your lawyer. If not then well.. paraguay would be the best because there would be nowhere in this world that you can technically get the permaent residence for free if you can speak spanish and process the whole thing by yourself.

They dont really want crooks in PY

There are too many crooks who try to get your money promising free land free citizenships etc. If it sounds too good to be true it usually is.

I m a lady dr from Pakistan. I m 47 yrs old.want paraguay immigration. How to get it.

I am a Civil Engineer from Pakistan, Recent working in Saudi Arabia, I have a more than 12 years experience in construction. and Inspection. Is there any civil Engineer who can guide me regarding job and salaries package.
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Tariq Javed Gondal.

Any one in group who already got permanent residency or citizenship?

Yes. I also work with Paraguayan immigration service. What info do you need?

Nice to hear from you.  How can i get Paraguayan Immigration, what is the procedure and cost, timing, etc. Please give me all related detail.

Of course, I can not market here my services, so I try to give you a summary. If you do not need an entry visa, then the immigration process of Paraguay is simple and straightforward. You bring the documents, deposit the prove of solvency, go through the due diligence and other administrative processes and apply for the permanent resident status. You will receive it within 90 days, and then you can apply for the ID card. That's all.

However, if you need an entry visa, the process becomes more difficult. It looks like that issuing entry visas became more simple during the last year, but not that easy. There are several ways to be able to obtain the entry visa and the resident status, the most popular solutions are the investor, purchasing agricultural land/home, high-skilled professional visa, buying shares of a company and student visa. These are all different ways and needs different processes. I prefer the investors' immigration scheme because it is affordable and from signing the contract, the applicant receives the entry visa in 2,5 weeks and the permanent resident status max 19 days after arriving in Paraguay.

Interestingly, it is forbidden to apply for the resident status under the tourist visa, but we can change the legal status of the applicants to be able to apply.
Under the simplified immigration process (who doesn't need the entry visa), there is the app 5000 USD deposit for the time of the immigration process (90 days). Under the other options, there is no deposit, but other costs, as validation of the diploma, or forming a company, paying the tuition fee, etc.
The application takes 1.3 days, but typically only 1, if the case is well prepared.
Let me know your further questions; I am here to answer!

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I am Lebanese and was born in 1990, and my father got his paraguay passport in 1980, do I have the right to get the paraguay passport??

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