retiring to Bali next may 2017. HELP HELP HELP

Hi forum, I will be 56 next May and i intend to move to Bali for 1 year and see how it goes, I f i enjoy it i may stay permanentl.

I just have some questions

1 Can i rent a place in Bali just prior to moving there or should i wait till i arrive.

2 What are the best options regarding Visa etc

3 Is it best to contact a good Visa Agent now or wait till i arrive

4 I have heard that health insurance can be as little as 100 aus per year  if i buy it in Bali.

Any help would be appreciated

This one line in your post forms the basis of my reply…

“If I enjoy it I may stay permanently.”

Without a solid commitment to retire to Bali (and that’s understandable), I suggest the following:

-Come here on a pre-arranged visit visa (good for 60 days, renewable in Bali to up to 180 days) and “live and learn.”

-Do not commit to anyplace to call home without being here…”boots on the ground.”  These days there are plenty of places where you can take a short term lease. 

-Network as much as possible during your one half year with other expats, and formulate bonds with locals as best as you can.

-Maintain some health insurance.  You are not eligible for the national health plan here until, and unless your residency becomes permanent, or via legal employment.

Good luck.

I have to agree with the advice above.
Suck it and see first, then make plans.

The retirement visa requires jumping through a few hoops such as a minimum income and medical insurance, but is generally easy enough to get if you can cover the minimum needs.

Just a small correction min income is required. In fact one has to sign that you dont work here and earn any money.

What i meant is that you are not allowed to work or generate income on a retirement visa. Certainly you have to provide your copy of bank statement account as well as proof of your monthly retirement funds so they know that you can finance yourself (housing, local staff etc).

happyhour :

Just a small correction min income is required. In fact one has to sign that you dont work here and earn any money.

Retirement income, not money earned in any way whilst on the visa.

EDIT - Sorry, I see you've already clarified.

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Allow me to correct your correction:
To retire in Indonesia you must show a minimum income of $1,500 per month

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