Looking to connect with South African Expats


I would like some accounts of experiences moving from SA to Ireland. What is the weather like and how have you coped. Is there the same amount of crime and corruption.  What are the general differences. What is the cost of living.
How easy or difficult is it to buy property.

Also looking for future friends Ireland

Hi Shelly,
I /!\ I AM A STUPID SPAMMER /!\ (West Africa) and an expat living in Dublin, Ireland.  One of the major differences is obviously the weather:  The climate here is very cold, windy and occasionally rainy (but usually a light drizzle).  After that, the cultural differences can be highlighted in terms of the social and professional norms such as slang, the pace of life, which is much faster than Liberia.
In terms of crime, Ireland is extremely safe.  I have yet to even see an argument.  With the availability of CCTV in almost all public places, this serves as an effective preventive method.
I am presently renting a student accommodation which is average priced for a developed country. 
If you are in Dublin, It would be really interesting to meet and share our experiences.  Hope this is helpful.

Walker S. Mahn, Jr.

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