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Hi all,
Im in the process of moving from NY to Merida and would like to know people experiences with reputable international moving companies. Also, I have heard several horrendous histories of custom opening boxes and stealing your belongings or just breaking them. If someone has some light on this, please let me know. Thank you so much!

Hi Chihuahuadad,

If you are looking for a moving company, you can contact our moving partner here : … o/yucatan/

Mine is a slightly different twist on this. I live in Delaware (not far from New York, actually) and am looking at Merida, Campeche or the area around Puerto Vallarta. I do not plan on bringing a car. I will bring only a small amount of stuff. That's actually my problem.

I don't expect to really bring enough stuff to make it worthwhile to hire movers but it will be too much to bring on a plane. I read that someone was planning to start ferry service between Florida and Progreso so I will look into that but wondered if anyone has other thoughts or options.

Jeff we are in the same position. We are moving to Merida next summer and can't figure out if we fly and have someone drive our dogs down or just rent a car and drive there ourselves. We can't take everything on the plane either. Decisions.... decisions!

What kind of dogs? How many? I assume you've already looked into the rules for bringing pets into Mexico.

I sent you a friend request. It seems we might both benefit from a sharing of information.

Jeff we have 3 dogs. We have a fat Chihuahua, a poodle mix and a red heeler. I think we could take the two small ones on the plane but they would probably freak out. I was told if you drive them in they just check their papers and let you go through. When you fly in they REALLY check them over and could put them in quarantine.

Let me know what you know...

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