Toddlers group (nursery/ playgroup)


My wife is looking for a nursery or even a regular gathering for toddlers for my daughter who will be turning 2 in a few weeks so the little one can interact with other English speaking children and make friends.

Is there anything or place we can go to in Riyadh? Part time or full time will be fine. Or can anyone suggest any places.



Preferably nearer to exit 8 near the Granada mall area if possible.

I would be interested int his too. I have a 1 year old and we are moving from London soon.


Here's another post from someone here who's also interested in something similar.

There's a new place in green city compound
They run a full time day care from 7:00 till 18:00
A preschool from 7:00 till 1:30
# 056 548 2830
The coordinators name is ءAdulis

Hello SweetDee :cheers:

You could share this info in our business directory, it will help many other members too:

> Nursery and kindergarten in Riyadh


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