Looking for a Day Care center in and around Rawdah region


I am looking for a day care center for my 5 year old kid in Rawdah area.

Most of the nurseries or play schools are functioning only during school timings. But I am looking for a day care center which will take care of kid after the school hours.

As I am working in a private firm and would be able to back only 5.00 pm, I am looking for a Day Care which will take care of my kid between 2 to 5.30.

Kindly help if you know any such centers.

Thanks in advance!

I enrolled my kid to a good day care but it is in Alsafa area near Aziz mall. Their timings are flexible, upto 7 pm and they are really good. They give you option of enrolling for a day for SR. 125 or register for a quarter of semester. how much is your budget?

Thanks for your reply!

I am looking at the range up to SAR 1000 per month. The issue is, I am looking for a Day care Center mainly in Khurais Road, Rawdah or anything near to Airport road as well as Indian Embassy School.

Hope I am clear here!

@ Ehtesham

Were you referring to Riyadh or Jeddah? Actually I am looking at Riyadh.

My bad....I was talking about Rawdah Jeddah. Let me see if I can find something related to Riyadh

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