swimming classes

i want swimming classes for my 3 years old daughter can somebody help? DQ is far away

Hi Nabiha!! Welcome to the forum :)

I hope other members will respond. cheers

thanx zain im waiting for more replies

hey ... have you checked the fitness gyms with pools...
i am not sure, but i have seen some kids being trainned in BODYMASTERS on king fahad road, behind Jarir bookstore Olaya ... you can check there :)

thanx i will check hope will get it :-)

Try the intercontinental Hotel, and ask about the Swiming coach Mr. nor he is great with kids,

i already asked him he is an indian right ?
he said that ur daughter is sooo small nd my course is a serious course...
i said that she is 3 nd i have seen kids of her age swimming very well...he said ok u can try...but now i got a better opportunity in DQ will visit them today inshaAllah

maybe you will need this info in future

almanahil does have kids swimming classes all year

allot of schools do have swimming classes as will but for older children

I hop u find what u were looking for :)

Hello Nabiha! I wanted to know is your kid going for swimming? Where in diplomatic quarters? Intercontinental is better or DQ? My son is 6 years and I want him to learn swimmiming. Will be waiting for ur reply.Thanks.

not too sure sorry hey

Salam nabiha,

Thank you for this post ....I would like to know about swimming classes too' my daughter is 4 and DQ too far from me...anyone to help?

Me too me too for my 6 years ould daughter

Hello, as it is an old thread, starting a new one on Riyadh forum may help in visibility.;)


Thank you Harmony

Rasan Medical clinic, they do have swimming classes for children

Thank you 'khaled

What about women? Where can a women swim????

Rasan Medical clinic it's for (women and Children)
Specialized Medical Center Hospital (women only)
Prince Salman Club (women only)

Thank youuuuuuuu for these Precious informations

anytime :)

I would like to know about kids activities here. Such as swimming, arts and crafts etc. Pls help me. I want it pretty  soon. My kids r ages 10   9   and  8.

Hi tarannum,

This thread is 3 years old for info.

Armand Team

i want swimming classes

This is a 3 year old post guys ,please make a new thread and post your concerns over there and i think this thread needs to be closed as this is years old.

Hello anyone know where you can find a swimming coach for kids

And for my 9 year old son

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