Visa options when working for foreign company

Hi everyone

I'm working for a Swiss IT company that allows me to work from abroad. This means I have a job, a monthly income and some savings - but the company, the salary and the bank account are in Switzerland.

I am now thinking of working from Indonesia but I'm struggling with the type of visa I should go for:
- A business visa seems to be out of reach as I'm not working for an Indonesian company.
- A retirement visa seems to be out of reach as I'm not over 55y old.
- A tourist visa gives me 60days with renewal options up to 6 months after which I need to do visa runs every 30 days (correct?) - not really comfortable for a long term stay.

So what is the best option? Is there another type I haven't mentioned that I could go for? Are there any tricks (like founding a company) that would help and are easy to do? And if no, what are the impacts of tourist visas regarding apartment rentals, driving a car and other casual stuff - is that restricting me in any way?

Thanks for any suggestions & feedback

Unless you have a sponsored visa you can't get anything you really need legally but there always ways around it. You could search foe agents who would sponsor you and perhaps that way you could get long term stay. Again it can be done it's a question of how much you want to try, pay and how much patience you have.

Ok, thanks! Do you have any hint where to find such "sponsors"? ;-)

Oh, and lately I stumpled upon a 1y multiple entry visa for tourists - have you heard about that, could it be an option?

I agree what Luke is want also to stay and work here for a longer period of time.

Just don't try and avoid your legal status here in the end it will backfire.

The visa is an issue that can be solved with an agent.
Whilst a work permit should be sorted out, no one is likely to care because there are no issues about taking work from an Indonesian and it will bring cash to the country.
The OP's problem could be internet speed as much of Indonesia is still developing as far as that service goes.
He will have to check a service that meets his needs is available in his desired location.

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