Calling Visa HELP! - Nigeria

I am a bit over my head trying to navigate the calling visa process. I went into the embassy here in the United States and they explained it all to me. I want to travel to Bali to attend a wedding but our hotel doesn't do sponsorship. So I have contacted some agents.

I am a permanent resident in the states with a Nigerian passport.

The embassy in DC told me I can get a TELEX VISA but ...

I had one agent in Jakarta tell me that it's impossible to get a TELEX VISA because Nigeria is black listed. I called the Embassy here and they said it was false information.

Two agents are willing to sponsor and apply for the TELEX VISA. It's not cheap.
One is in Jakarta and another is in Semarang.

Does anyone have a good lead to an agent in Jakarta? Does it matter where the agents are located?
I honestly have no idea what I am doing and just need some guidance.

Thanks :)

The visa you will need is calling visa, you will need a sponsor in indonesia in order to get a granted.

The procedure is quite complicated and also time consuming.

It is expensive because the sponsor is fully responsible in the event you would break the law.

Yes, I am aware of all that. The embassy explained it to me.

Looking for a reputable consultant or agent to assist me with the application.

How much the 2 agents asking for?

Just curious....?

You need to disclose proper info.....otherwise people will not continue and giving you advise

Agent in Semarang want $750 (I might go with this guy)  and one in Bali wants $2500 ( which i think is ridiculously high).

What other information do I need to disclose? :)

I am a permanent resident in the United States.
I am on a calling list and need a telex fax visa from Jakarta to Embassy in DC so they can issue me a visa.  The embassy here has actually been super helpful with rendering me lots of information I need.

Hey there teajade, i'm having this exact same problem. I'm a Nigerian citizen and US permanent resident, looking to visit Bali for my honeymoon in late April.

I don't know anyone in Indonesia so I'm wondering what resolution (if any) you arrived at for your trip last year.


It is not easy if you are a Nigerian here but try you might get a solution

Contact the nearest Indonesian embassy and they'll tell you how to do it.
It can be done and your status in the US won't hurt your application.

Did you find any resolution to the VISA in Bali?

Hi, were you able to obtain an Indonesian visa as Nigerian passport holder ?

I have an Indonesian sponsor but can't seem to obtain a specific timeline concerning how long it might take for the sponsor to obtain an approval letter from Immigration in Jarkarta.

Please advise.

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