satellital tv and internet providers

I am new in jeddah and I am looking for the best satellital tv and internet providers. I am interested in watching some American and Australian channels. I will appreciate you colaboration. thnx

Hello and welcome to Jeddah, here is what I know about channels:-
a) Browse the website en. satexpat. com/tv/saudi_arabia/ to find the channels you are looking for. Good news is these channels are free to air but would require you to setup a satellite dish and LNB and a receiver/decoder.
b) Another site with list of free to air channels lyngsat .com /freetv/Saudi-Arabia. html
c) OSN - paid satellite tv channel, website: Perhaps the only network with customer service here. American channels are available.
d) Amazon Firestick or Roku - Both can be purchased online and would work but require good internet connection.

Pls let me know if you need more information.

thank you very much, just what i was looking for. I am wondering how the amazon Firestick works? do I need the amazon fire?

i found out about the amazon fire tv, Do you know if SA has any restriction to use this device or using any of the apps? thanx

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