Advice on internet/phone packages

Hi all, I'll be moving to Jeddah in 10days time on a 2 year contract. My employer has sent me links to 3 different internet/phone providers for me to choose from. They will register my details with them and have internet/Wi-Fi ready for me at my apartment and provide me with a sim card. Cost of which will be deducted monthly from my salary.

I'm very confused as to what to choose. Prepaid, post-paid, which package etc. Can someone suggest what I should go for, my location will be Jeddah.

I want Wi-Fi at my apartment, so would want a router etc already there. I use YouTube lots so unlimited or high Gb would be good.
For my phone, just to make occasional calls,SMS if needed within Saudi, won't be calling home, will use internet for that.

Any suggestions?


internet unlimited at home -- … rnetathome

Thanks, upon some investigation

STC is 200SR per month
Zain is 349SR for 3 months (seems better value to me) … r/packages
although I'd need to buy a router myself. How much would one cost me?

As for the phone, prepaid khateer from Zain seems the best for someone who'll only make occasional calls and texts.

zain is kinda choppy fyi. depends on your area i guess. - zain to my knowledge only provides wireless data (sim card based ) and not wired DSL which i would think u'd want in your home?

Mobily - 400 per month post paid

That's a good point, thanks :)
I'll be in Sharbatly village if that helps.

Once I phone them up to arrange it, do they do it quickly? next day?

also a bit confusing how they can set up ur internet/cell without an iqama.. maybe just prepaid things... but postpaid? don't think so


I'll let you know how it turns out

STC unlimited postpaid is only 160SR per month. I would believe this is the best deal

oelemide :

STC unlimited postpaid is only 160SR per month. I would believe this is the best deal

Hope it remains, can get it once iqaamah arrives.
On passport can only get one sim, chose data one. Stc 200sar for 50gb.
There was no unlimited prepaid package, but when a few others went to a different store they were given 3 months unlimited for 350 I believe.
So, getting used to Saudi system already! Customer service is terrible!

Hi.. actually it depends on the network coverage in your area. In some areas you will find that STC has better coverage and speed and in others Mobily is better.
So I recommend that you ask someome living in the compound about the best coverage. Then you go ahead and evaluate the different packages offered by the service provider.
Some of them are offering a subscriptions with a wifi device just check their websites.

They are the best providers


Salam Oelemide,

I have STC unlimited postpaid 160SR/month, how to register the billing ?

You can try Zain Shabab package with unlimited Youtube.

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