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Hi all,

I'm looking to sell my bar in England and move to Cambodia. I'm interested in purchasing or leasing a bar or hostel preferably but could look into various options if anyone knows anything available.



Tread carefully. There is a glut of restaurants and bars but they are still being sold at ridiculous prices.

Thank you for the advice.

Do you know any websites or anywhere I could view these places from the UK.  I keep coming across websites with very old advertisements.


You may want to join the relevant forums and site:



Businesses for Sale in Cambodia

Thank you that's much appreciated

No worries but again: get some advice. Most of the businesses on offer are vastly overpriced. Also do realize that the selling price does not actually give you ownership, you just buy the lease. Do not go near any place that has only  couple of years left on its lease, do not buy a girlie bar, do not buy anything in Siem Reap.

Thank you for the advice. Do you live out in Cambodia? If so what do you do?

Hi Jake,

I have lived in Cambodia the last 9 years and work in hospitality. I do not know everything but I have picked up a thing or two over the years;-)


Nice one. So it is a viable option to go out and work for someone else and still be able to make a living? Sorry for all the questions

It is not so easy to get jobs anymore, unless a company posts you. More and more jobs go to locals as education and experience improves.

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