Where can I find real good salmon?


I am looking ofr a market or shop where I could find a fresh salmon. I am looking for a goor qualitye: From Scotland or Atlantic Ocean but not from Norway.

Thanks for yur help!


I don't remember where its from, but the best I found was at Ben's in Publika.

Thank you!
Is it possible to buy one? Is it a shop or a restaurant ?

It's actually both a grocery store with a restaurant inside. I was referring to the grocery store. IMHO, it's probably the best expat type grocery store in KL.

Perfect! Thnak you so much for your help!
Do you think is it open on Sunday?

On the internet I found This adress, is it correct?

Lot 1A, 83-95, Level UG
Publika, Jalan Dutamas 1
Solaris Dutamas, 50480 KL

Yes, that's the place. I normally drive there, don't know if there's any public transport nearby.

Ok, thank you!

I think it will be difficult by public transport from my appartment but I will take a Taxi with "Crab" appliation , it ' s cheaper.

Should be open today, normally busy on weekends.

Ok, thank you!
I contacted them by facebook, they will tell me tomorrow where is come from their salmon.


kco8 :

Ok, thank you!

I think it will be difficult by public transport from my appartment but I will take a Taxi with "Crab" appliation , it ' s cheaper.

Let us know if they have what you're looking for.

Yes, of course ;-)

I'm interesting to visit this shop as well and I can drive.

Ok, the salmon comes from Australia.  I will check if the conditions in the farmers are well there ;-)

I don't think I've ever tried Australian salmon, had the beef, lamb, milk, chocolate, potato crisps (chips for Americans) and lots of other Aussie products. But not salom.

The best Salmon comes from Alaska but the best Salmont from farmer comes from Scotland.
My Family works in this domain.
I think if the salmon from Australia, his quality can be similar to the salmons from Alaska.
If this salmon comes from a farme, it should be a new one  because my uncle don 't know a producer of salmon there and it ' s  should be a good quality.
Australian people like organic product.

You can try in,
i use to buy fresh salmon and smoked  @intermark shop


Yes, Jaya in the Intermark across from Ampang Park. Another excellent expat grocery. Actually that one is a lot easier to get to. Just take the Kelana Jaya line and get out at Ampang Park, especially now that the KJ line has been extended out to Subang Jaya.

Yes, I would also highly recommend finding in Jaya Grocer. They have the biggest variety of imported products.

magkev :

Yes, I would also highly recommend finding in Jaya Grocer. They have the biggest variety of imported products.

We'll have to agree to disagree, I think Ben's has more choice. But both are good. On the other hand I was disappointed with the Jaya in IOI along with one in Bangi. Thus far the only Jaya I'd recommend it the one at the Intermark. Another good expat type grocery store to consider it is Sam's in Nu Sentral, but I put both Jaya and Ben's above Sam's.

Hey guys!

I went to publika (ben independant grocers) and I found a salmon from Scotland "label rouge". It was 62 RM for 441g. I made a salmon tartare yesterday, it tasted really good!

It s a very good place to find fresh salmon and a good quality!

Thanks for all your advices!

I stopped buying farmed fish which unfortunately is mainly what Malaysia sells. Do you know the salmon grow up so sickly they inject color to make it orange again? The Viet farms are the worst and I think all local tilapia comes from Vietnam. And I used to love sushi but I consider it too dangerous to eat raw fish here anymore, farmed or not. I used to go to a certain fish restaurant that bragged it grew their own fish under the best conditions---until I went and saw the farm, a disgusting cesspool of filth. Did any of you know that much farmed fish dies, doesnt make it to maturity due to poor conditions and they still attempt to sell it?

About 7-8 years ago a foreigner came and started a salmon farm and the conditions were extremely high and good but soon he disappeared because, I will guess, nobody would pay the high prices. To operate a proper farm is very expensive.

Last, I used to think wet market fish was caught-fish but it turned out its all farmed too. No wonder I was getting sick and couldnt trace why. But among all farmed fish, salmon is the most diseased, according to articles.

This is a topic I never cared much about until I had read that fish, especially shellfish has a shelf life (out of ice) of only 15 minutes before heavy bacterialization sets in. Ive cut fish intake by about 98%. Sad!

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