Asking to HR for offer letter & Visa process


I'm from India & successfully passed the final interview with salary expectation for Penang, Malaysia. I received the confirmation from hiring manager & as well as from HR. I received the call from HR for my latest 3 months salary slip to continue the application process, which I have already sent.

Now I have few questions. How do I ask to HR for their next process (Visa application)? How will I get entry in Malaysia before EP?  How do I ask for formal offer letter for confirmation?

Can somebody help me out please?

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The company has to apply to immigration for permission to hire you and agree to provide you with an employment pass.

As you are an Indian citizen you also need clearance and a Visa with Reference before you can enter Malaysia. The VDR is obtained via one of the Malaysian Consulates in India.

The company should inform you whether Stage I of the hiring process has been successful.

(If you are being hired on the Foreign Worker employment pass, there will also be a medical examination in India as part of the process)

To explain, there are two hiring systems in Malaysia. One is as a Foreign Worker Employment Pass and the other is as a Professional Pass holder

Thank you so much for your information.

As you mentioned I need clearance and a visa reference before enter Malaysia. So, Who will provide me that & on which visa I will travel to Malaysia? Because I heard that in first stage I have to travel on visit visa which is applicable for three months and after that I have to submit my passport to the company to paste the EP in it.

How much time will take for visit visa application & is it company applying for that after immigration permission done to hire me?

Once Stage 1 is successful, immigration arrange for a Visa with Reference (VDR) request to be sent to the Malaysian Consulate in India (I guess you have been asked which one is convenient by HR). You then get a single entry visa (SEV) valid for 1 month visa placed in your passport by the Consultate, which will allow you to leave India and enter Malaysia for the purposes of employment.

Upon starting work, the company then has to apply for the Stage II within the validity of the SEV. Stage II is  the endorsement of the Professional Pass into your passport.

You don't come to Malaysia without your VDR/SEV. There is also a security check done before the VDR is issued.

Member: viparora - he has just succeeded in getting the entry process and arrival in Malaysia done in about 3 weeks - check with him for details.

How much time is taking for stage I ? Also what documents needs to carry while travelling to Malaysia for passport check in?

Shall I ask this all information to HR because they didn't inform me anything about it. They only mentioned that we are processing your application for EP.

I have to be prepared accordingly.

Stage 1 seems to be taking anything from 5 days to 1 month. The VDR confirmation is likewise taking 1-2 weeks minimum

Suggest you carry a signed copy of contract of employment and key correspondence, plus document re VDR (which will have been stamped in your passport before departure) - also best to bring original educational, professional and personal certificates as well.

I think I will have soft copy of my offer letter. Is it ok if I carry printout of my offer letter?
Plus shall I submit the passport to stamped the re VDR on airport?

Currently your employer is applying your Employment Pass.

I understand that your HR wants you to come with a social visit visa first

Frankly there is no point bringing our offer letter because immigration doesn't care about your letter of offer unless you have a valid work permit.

There are two things you can do:

1. Enter Malaysia with a tourist visa but you are not allowed to work in Malaysia officially. And your work permit can not be approved if you are in Malaysia. If you enter Malaysia before the aproval Immigration will send a notification for you to exit Malaysia..and forward your exit stamp.  Only then they will approve your visa

2. Stay in India until your EP is approved. Your company will send you the approval letter and vdr letter. Go to the Malaysian embassy in india and collect your single entry and produce your SEV and approval letter at arrival in Malaysia.. once in malaysia pass your passport to your company. It will take 3 working days to endorse your passport

Hope this helps

Remember if you enter with a social visa do not tell immigration you are here to work

The VDR process includes a security vetting which all Indian Citizens now need to complete before travelling, in order to get their EP Stage II endorsement. Source: KPMG

The VDR is obtained in one of the Malaysian Consultates either in Mumbai, New Delhi or Chennai (or another embassy designated by MY immigration that is providing support services)

Once the company applies the employment pass they are applying for the vdr when the ep is approved you get the approval letter and vdr letter.Bring the vdr letter to the malaysia embassy in india and collect your single entry

It is simple now.
All is done in ESD..nothing have to be applied separately

Hi Shehajaz & Gravitas,

Thanks a ton for your valuable information in detail.

I understand that EP approval letter & VDR letter, both needs to collect from Malaysian Consulates in Mumbai.

Shall I carry my passport & photos while collecting the both letters?
Is SVP will paste in my passport from Malaysian Consulates in Mumbai?

Approval letter and vdr letter will be forwarded to you by your companywhen your EP is approved

Bring the Vdr letter and approval letter and passport to the consulate in mumbai and get your single entry visa stamped in the passport.

You dont collect the approval letter and vdr letter at the consulate

Thanks a lot Shehajaz. Really appreciate your guidance.

Just for update, I received offer letter from employer & they have applied for employment pass.

Wanted to ask 1 question. On employment pass is multiple entries are allowed or not?


Hi Ambarish,

There are two stages of visa processing for Employment pass

    - You will be given only the Single entry approval initially by using which you can enter Malaysia and join to work. It is valid for a period of only 30 days.
   - Once you arrive here, your employer will proceed to apply for your second stage of processing which is the multiple entry visa. It will be generally 1 or 2 year validity with multiple entry permission.

Hope this helps.

Once you have your employment pass endorsed ofcourse it is mulitiple entry

Thanks a ton guys.

Very informative one. The conversation is very understandable. Kodus to both of you Gravitas and Shehajaz.

Absolutely SkootySean.... 1 year employment visa how many times employers can renew?

Category III has some restrictions (cooling off period) - … -FINAL.pdf

Ohh....means it is lil bit risky as well...if employee got promotion & salary hike get more then 5k MYR, do company have rights to apply for II category visa?

A work permit is associated with a specific job, so promotion would presumably be to another job and would require a new EP. My guess would be that the company may wait until the EP needs renewal to implement the new job title and salary.

Straightforward pay rises are not particularly frequent in Malaysian companies even though COL is rising. That seems to be why people move jobs. There are definitely bands of pay for job categories and therefore pay ceilings.  It's an employers' market to some extent plus immigration only approve applications where there is proof no local candidates are available. Those bands are discussed in salary survey documents produced by various international recruiters.

Currently, if on a Cat. III EP and moving to another company and its amicable, there is no 3 month cooling off period if the new company is requesting a Cat. I or II EP

You mean to say it's much better to move another company for Cat. I or II EP and it's difficult to get II Cat. EP in the same company.

Getting the pay rise can be the issue.

ohhhh..... can you please guide me to solve this issue in future.

You will get the gist of things once you have worked a while in Malaysia. Penang is a different type of job market to KL.

So what is the solution for that? Will you please advise me?

Is it II Cat. EP jobs a available in Malaysia?

The current Cat. II job terms (min. salary, contract length, dependents allowed) was what the Cat. I used to be until September 2017. So a large proportion of expats had jobs in that category. Cat III was introduced in 2016 I think mainly to accommodate skilled ASEAN job seekers. Cat. I is to distinquish more senior positions (there is also Talentcorp visa possible after 3 years for those earning over RM15k per month).

Really appreciate for your valuable information.

hello everyone!

I am in the same situation with ambarish.karve . Please enlighten me more on this. I am a Filipino. Is it possible for me to come from Bahrain and go directly in Malaysia? The company told me they will provide me with the letter to direct me to the Malaysian Embassy here in Bahrain for the single entry stamp once the visa is approved.

Will the process be the same for Filipino nationals leaving outside Philippines?

Yes process is the will apply a vdr for you in malaysian embassy in bahrain. Wait for your company to forward the approval letter and vdr letter . You can not come directly

Hello All,

Just for updates, I'v done my medical test here in India (as a part of the process) & submitted the reports in last week as company mentioned.

They informed me the process will take 6 to 8 weeks for EP approval.

Warm regards...

Good morning all,

As employer informed that they have applied for EP, Could you please guide me, where I can check the online status of my EP or should I ask to employer for statues of my application?

Warm regards......

Thanks for guidance but unfortunately I do not have company registration number. From where I suppose to get?

Hello experts,

I have checked the status of my EP with the company registration number. It showing 'No record found'. Can you please help me to understand why this status is showing
or I have to check the status after 4 to 6 weeks?

Warm regards...

Is your company under IT

No, it is design & printing industry.

Hello Shehajaz,

Can you please guide me on my above query?

If you have been asked to do medical your EP sounds like it is under the Foreign Worker system.

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