U.S. Social Security Payments

We are seriously considering retiring in Belize, but I am concerned about conflicting reports from our friends here in the U.S. about our Social Security payments...

Do you have to return to the U.S. every 6 months in order to stay eligible? 

Do you get reduced Social Security payments if you are an expat? 

Thank you for any help on this.

our SSA monies are electronically deposited into our US credit union account with no problems.  Once a year SSA sends us a form to fill out to ascertain that we are still alive.  No reduction in amount received.  Hope this helps

Thank you!  That was very helpful.  It is consistent with what I found on the internet, but wanted to hear from someone actually doing it.

bznorte is correct. You can also check, and sign up
with for any questions you may have.

I have read on the matter and what I read is you will receive SS payments while living overseas when you are qualified to receive the payments. The link below will explain more.

Thank for the info

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